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The part of this wiki page about Kordak's presidency is very biased and one sided and contains things that are factually incorrect. I don't feel like editing because that would only start a edit war something that I rather not see happening but the paragraphs really need to be fixed, maybe by a neutral third party --Fhaemita Malodorous (talk) 19:00, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Are these changes by Willem accepted by both Kordak and Fhaemita? --AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png Do you need assistance? Then ask me! ;)) 15:22, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

The Valeyard

Let someone neutral take a look at the text, for example Willem the Conqueror.

'old' version

Kordak won the elections with just a few more votes than the popular MaartenW. He made a national coalition including GPN, DRP, GPN and Libertas NL. An coalition like this was never seen before, because those parties were enemies just a few weeks before. The government of Kordak was at that time described as one of the most active governments the Netherlands had ever seen before. After a week the other parties also did bring compliments about how open and organized the government worked.

After the very succesful first week of the government Kordak was very close in joining the alliance SIRIUS which was just created at that time. Negotiations continued with Poland and it came to a deal where Poland would get Northern Netherlands, Eastern Netherlands and Western Netherlands which would give them a double passage to the oil recource. In return the Netherlands would have Southern Netherlands, Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Poland would help with the occupation of the Belgium regions and there would come a deal with the government of Belgium which wanted to stay occupied, because of the PTO thread. Poland would pay the Netherlands a rent for the 3 regions, which the Netherlands would pay to the government of Belgium. Kordak did also keep in mind that this was a opportunity to finally reunite our country again into the United Netherlands.

However the government of Poland got impeached while the Netherlands were busy with the invasion of Belgium. Because of this impeachment the Belgiums were afraid of a Dutch occupation without the involvement of Poland and they asked the United Kingdom to occupy them before the Netherlands would. After this situation the new government of Poland betrayed the Netherlands and invaded with the help of Germany. The German president claimed that they attacked to help Belgium on request of The Valeyard.

The minister of Foreign Affairs M. de Ruyter hired a group of mercenaries to fight against the United Kingdom for Belgium, so the Netherlands would be able to occupy Belgium completly. However Kordak did not want the war any longer and did tell M. de Ruyter not to hire those mercenaries. The group of mercenaries later claimed there money, which was against insane prices. Kordak had no involvement in this situation, but promised to pay 20.000CC of his own fortune to the mercenaries. M. de Ruyter had to pay 20.000CC as well, but only payed 10.000CC leaving the Netherlands with a debt. With the help of players this debt was later payed. After this scandal M. de Ruyter left the country to join Norway.

'new' version

Kordak won the February 2014 presidential elections with 75 votes of a total of 160 votes, in percentages: 46.88% of the 100%. Kordak ended 3 votes ahead on his biggest opponent MaartenW, both leaving James Janeway far behind them. In Kordaks' government there were people from all top five parties, something compared to previous governments was quite an achievement. Due to the fact that every top five party had at least one member in the government, people where quite positive about the cabinet of Kordak I.

In the middle of the term, Kordaks' government was having talks with the just created SIRIUS alliance, where a good step was made into improving relations with those countries. Following those talks, the Dutch government made a deal with Poland. The deal is described as followed: Poland would occupy Northern Netherlands, Eastern Netherlands and Western Netherlands, this would open a double passage to the oil resource of the region of Western Netherlands. In return of that, Poland would allow the Netherland to have their original region of Southern Netherlands, and occupy Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, the three original regions of Belgium. The Belgian government agreed on that as they wanted to stay occupied due to internal problems. For the three occupied regions, Poland would pay a rent for the three regions. A same agreement was made with the Belgian government, the Netherlands would pay them a rent for the occupation of their regions.

However, the Polish government got impeached, while the Netherlands was ready to bring the plan into reality. Due to the impeachment of the Polish government, the Belgian government didn't want to be occupied by the Netherlands, because there wasn't an involvement of Poland. Because of that, the Belgian government had to find another way to be occupied, they contacted the United Kingdom and asked to occupy them. The United Kingdom agreed on that, and the United Kingdom began occupying the Belgian regions. During that time, Poland got a new government installed, that government had a large task at its hands, they had to reconquer all the land they had lost during the impeachment (Because they had no government, lots of regions were lost because people saw the opportunity to reconquer the occupied regions via rewins). Because of that, they had to reoccupy the two regions that were agreed upon in the treaty, which the Dutch had at that time with the Polish government. They occupied us fully due to the fact that that was the only way to end the war according to the game mechanics. After the full occupation of our country, Poland gave the Netherlands two of our four original regions back, according to the treaty.

During the time that the United Kingdom began occupying Belgium, minister of Foreign Affairs M. de Ruyter hired a group of mercenaries to fight against the United Kingdom for Belgium, so that later on the Netherlands would be able to occupy Belgium completely. After the term of Kordak, the mercenaries claimed there money. The congress of the Netherlands began investigating what had happened, and what the new government had to do about it. Congress agreed upon Kordak and M. de Ruyter both paying 20.000cc to the Dutch treasury to pay the mercenaries. Kordak paid the 20.000cc, M. de Ruyter only paid 10.000cc of the total of 20.000cc. The Netherlands still was in debt with the mercenaries, and with the help of donations of citizens of the Netherlands, the Dutch government at that time was able to pay a large part of the debt they had with the mercenaries. This accident was later called the "Mercenary Scandal".

I say; done. --Willem The Conqueror 15:58, 16 August 2014 (GMT+1)