Tank Nation

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Tank Nation


"Respect few, fear none."

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Colors Black and white.
Total Soldiers 12
Commanded by FragUK

The Tank Nation is a private militay unit based in Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom founded by FragUK on day 1,860.


Tank Nation was founded by FragUK as a 'family' styled military unit where all members would be social.

Joint strikes


Tank Nation was present at the first Joint strike Sunday which was hosted on day 1,867. The unit came 4th out of a possible 5, narrowly missing out on winning tanks for their overall score but managed to win 50 Q7 tanks for their high percentage turn out (44%). Joint strike results


On day 1,874 the second weekly joint strike took place. The unit organized its members and managed to come 3rd place out of 8. The results of the strike earned the unit over 100 Q7 tanks. The units attendance also won them 50 Q7 tanks with a 75% turn out percentage. Joint strike week 2 results