Taranaki Tribe

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Taranaki Tribe

Party-Taranaki Tribe.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation TT
Colors Brown
Founded January 2011
Dissolved July 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /27 seats, 0%
Succeeds Kiwi People's Party
Succeeded By National Front New Zealand
Orientation Centre
Ideology Libertarian

Taranaki Tribe (January 2011- July 2011) was a political party formally active in New Zealand. The party was formed by Gillighan McGill after he returned and took over the morbid Kiwi People's Party. Throughout its history, the party has been in and out of the top-five. It dissolved in July by its newly elected PP Balkan Beast.


The Taranaki Tribe (TT) was officially formed in January 2011 when Gillighan McGill won the party elections in the KPP and become party president (PP). He quickly renamed the party and began the effort to put the TT into the top-five parties in NZ. He was successful in running candidates in the January Parliamentary elections and won 1 of 40 seats (electing himself).

The party continued to rebuild but entered a period of slow decline. In the February Presidential elections, it did not endorse a single candidate. This didn't seem to affect McGill's hold on the party, as he was easily re-elected PP in February without any competition. In the February Parliamentary elections, the TT fell out of the top-five parties and therefore was unable to run a candidate for election. This would not be the last time this happened.

There was little change in March, as the party again failed to endorse a candidate in the Presidential elections. McGill, continued his dominant hold over the party as he was re-elected PP for a third time on March 15 (without competition). However, it gained a huge boost after Bass Junkie surprise victory in Aotearoa. Its membership surged and it rejoined the top-five. This paid off huge in the March 25 Parliamentary elections when the TT captured 4 of 40 seats, its best parliamentary results. The four elected TT MP's were McGill, basmebriga, f3rd0 and TrickerMKD.


In April, the TT endorsed IvanMiletic of the Red label Party in the Presidential elections. It did not take part in his subsequent Cabinet. McGill also announced he was leaving NZ and therefore not running for PP again. In the April 15 elections, chiragpm, was elected PP. Later, the TT began to a membership drop and collapsed to 12 members, well out of the top-five. It also witnesses its MP's defect to other parties or resign.

The membership continued to slide, as chiragpm proved to be an inactive PP. His tenure witnessed the TT become the #5 party of NZ and remain completely disconnected from the NZ political realm. During this time the TT did not run a CP candidate in April, May or June. It also failed to run any candidates for Congress.

naxhi24 and TT rebound

On June 25, 2011, naxhi24 was elected PP of the TT. He quickly set about rebuilding the party and attempting to raise its public profile. The first step involved him running for Congress on behalf of the TT and printing various in-game articles about himself and his goals for the party.

After failing to secure election to Congress, naxhi24 nominated himself for NZ President, representing the TT. This marked the first campaign the TT had fielded a CP candidate before. In the election, he came third, winning 3 votes and 1.6% of the popular vote.


Following the defeat, the party witnessed a surge in membership, most notably in the form of Balkan Beast. Beast challenged naxhi24 for the PP during the July 15 elections. He was duly elected and subsequently disbanded the party. It was replaced by the National Front New Zealand.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
January - March 2011 Gillighan McGill Founded TT and served 3x as PP.
April - May 2011 chiragpm
June 2011 naxhi24 First TT member to run for President
July 2011 Balkan Beast Dissolved the Party