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Taxation is one of the most common ways of getting money into governmental accounts.

Occupied regions

PCI = Partial Country Income
TCI = Total Country Income
TC = Tax Collected
BI = Base Income (20% for the country collecting the tax)
OR = The number of original regions of the country
CR = The number of original regions currently under control

PCI = TC * ( CR/OR*80% + BI )

For example, Greece has 10 regions and 2 of them are under the occupation of Finland and 1 is under the occupation of Sweden. Greece collects Money.png 1000 CC in taxes from its citizens.
OR = 10
TC = 1000
BI = 20%
CR (Greece) = 7
CR (Finland) = 2
CR (Sweden) = 1
TCI (Greece) = Money.png 760 CC
TCI (Finland) = Money.png 160 CC
TCI (Sweden) = Money.png 80 CC

The total income of a country (TCI) is the sum of PCI’s calculated for the original and non-original regions the country possesses.

For example, Finland controls a part of its original regions, but has also occupied regions from Greece and Belarus. Finland’s TCI will be:
TCI = PCI (Finland) + PCI (Greece) + PCI (Belarus)

Please note that even if a country has 0 regions, the base income is still 20%.

Work tax

Main article: Work tax

If working as an employee - taken as a fixed percentage from the worker's salary.

If working as a general manager -
work tax percentage * average net salary paid in the country


Main article: VAT

Taken as a fixed percentage from every sold item on the marketplace.

Import tax

Main article: Import tax

Taken as a fixed percentage from every sold item on the marketplace of a country different than the citizenship country of a seller.

City taxes

Main article: City#Local_taxes
  • The residential tax
  • The property tax

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