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Nationality Flag-Uruguay.jpg Uruguayan
Date of birth 03 August 2008
Date of death Discovered May 2010
Residence Charrua, Uruguay
Sex Male
Congress member of Brazil
26 March 2009 – 17 April 2009
Congress member of Denmark
26 April 2009 – April 2009
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
  • Was a brasilian citizen; born in region of Parana and Santa Catarina
  • Isn't fluent in the English language, but he understant the written language;
  • Was Member of the Brazilian Congress in March/April, and Danish Congress in May;
  • Tayler lived some time in Indonesia, mostly due to wars that occur in this country, ally of Brazil, their homeland;
  • He was helping in the war between Spain and Brazil as a member of Forças Armadas do Brasil;
  • Ended up as citizen of Uruguay.


Manufacturing: 4.89. Tayler left this sector when the V1 was implanted. He worked in the gifts industry.
Land: 8.72. When the V1 was implanted, Tayler begins to work in these kind of companies.
Strength: 14.756. He's a Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshal, his total damage is of 80.000+ points and fought in more than 650 battles.

Skills information from 27th of July 2009.