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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 1 October 2008
Date of death Discovered on November 10, 2009
Residence Northern Ireland, UK
Congressman of Northern Ireland
26 November, 2008 – 10 January, 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia
October 21, 2008 – January 14, 2009
Succeeded by Calibur
Unofficial Party President of Australian Communist Party
8 February, 2009 – 19 February, 2009
Party president of Australian Communist Party
19 February, 2009 – 15 April, 2009
Minister of Social Services of Australia
January 14, 2009 – March 2009 (est)
Preceded by Derek Apollyon
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel

First Days

taytaz was born in London after realising that Australia was occupied by Indonesia. After a few minutes of play, Taytaz received a message from Tim09. He introduced him to the eUK Forums where he quickly became active and involved. Completely independent of Tim's view's, he joined the People's Communist Party and was just in time to see Widdows9000 lose the elections to Rayf Drayson. Taytaz also wrote an article, interviewing Zaney about Australian Independence, and from there, became involved in the Australian Independence Movement.


Although very active in his first month of play, experience levels introduced in v1, and the subsequent removal of mayors meant that getting a real break in the UK political scene was hard. However, early in November, the Australian Independence Movement was getting more active, and Taytaz got involved as Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Government in exile. Recently, Taytaz was elected as a wildcard in the UK Congress elections of November, running in the region of Northern Ireland. Due to inactivity in Northern Ireland, Taytaz moved to the West Midlands to help UKRP congressman Deathtoll32.

Taytaz also managed to lose the Australian Ind. Movement Party Presidency to Widdows9000 after the previous leader, ICE2008 left the game due to RL issues. Unfortunately, bugs prevented the Australian regions from electing Congress members, so the party was a little stuffed. After full independence, Taytaz decided to join a new party in Australia, called the Australian Democratic Socialist Party, headed by Cottus Arci.

After some confusion in the ADSP, Taytaz made a last minute congress bid back in the UK. He was elected in an extremely close race in Northern Ireland, one of only two MPs from the Region. His fellow congressmen, Jacen Molare, of TUP is working together to bring Norn Iron back to its former glory. It is the first time a PCP member has held office in Northern Ireland since corny-ratbag as Mayor of Belfast.

After that term, however, Taytaz returned to live and work in Australia, his home country. He fulfilled numerous roles there in the fields of Politics and the Military. Taytaz was commander of the Australian Defence Force and also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and later Minister of Social Services in Australia. Of particular note, Taytaz supported the government to build its first Q5 hospital.

An ardent supporter of Marxist political movements, Taytaz was one of the co-founders of the Australian Communist Party. As the first Party President of the movement, Taytaz served as Congressman in New South Wales for three terms. Gradually, after the tension of fighting for independence had gone, and the novelty of having a new country wore off, Taytaz lost interest in the game and died.

He revived approximately 6 months later in late November 2009. He moved from Florida, where he had died whilst 2-clicking, back to his original home, the UK. Since that time, Taytaz alternated between semi-active participation on the forums, two-clicking and inactivity. He eventually got back to the game, become a member of the People's Communist Party, however, soon after left for good.


Taytaz started in Housing, working for a People's Initiative Company in the UK.

Taytaz has also been a General manager for MIG Iron, in Pakistan. Additionally, Taytaz worked up enough gold to start his own Not-For-Profit supply chain under the company Consortius Populi in NSW which owned People's Grain and People's Food which were both Q2. He aimed to have high wages and good benefits, which was viable as the business was not-for-profit, and taytaz only made as much as he needed to keep steady wellness. When he quit, he donated both these companies, and Icon-gold.gif 20 GOLD to the Australian Communist Party to use in their commune scheme.


Taytaz has been active within the military and never passed upon an opportunity to gain some battle experience. He joined the Reserves on the first day he was eligible, and in Australia, was a high-ranking member of the Australian Defence Force. He was Commander of the Force, taking over from previous Colonel Ultrus Noobus. Taytaz commands the Special Recon Unit. He was also a member of the Australian Medic Corps, or Redbacks. He is a veteran of the Australian Resistance Wars, Russian Independence War, Finnish War, and the ATLANTIS battles against France. In his career in the UK, he has not scaled such heights, but has always got behind his country, as can be seen in his UK ribbons below.

Medals and Ribbons


Taytaz is the Chief Editor of the People's Informer with some of his more popular articles including:


Tim09 has been a great help and influence to Taytaz, getting him started in the game, and later the PCP. He trained him in politics and eLife in general and helped him to make himself known in the PCP. Siobhan Griffin also was a great help, providing Taytaz with his invitation, and making him feel welcome in Belfast, as the region's last mayor. Bob Boblo was Taytaz' 'Big Buddy' in the PCP, a scheme run by Relic. Bob taught Taytaz the great art of spamming. In more recent times, especially in recent times, Taytaz has drawn inspiration and support from big names of Australian politics like zaney, Cottus Arci and even on the other side of the war, blink-az and n3m0 who displayed remarkable patriotism and loyalty, as well as flexibility and understanding as to the needs of other groups. Other people that deserve honourable mentions include Ip Lockard, Malta_1990 and Bremer.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x4)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x6)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x4)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x2)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x3)

Military offices
Preceded by
Commander of the
Australian Defence Force

3 December, 2008 - 10 February, 2009
Succeeded by
Ultrus Noobus