Te Pori

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Te Pori

General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Colors Black and White
Founded October, 2012
Dissolved December, 2013
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 /27 seats, 0%
Succeeds eNZ Democratic Party
Succeeded By Project Kiwi
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Te Pori (2012-2013 ) was a centrist, liberal political party formally active in Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand. The party was formed by veteran player Ginny Tory in order to emphasise the originals ideals of the NZ founders. The party was formed predominately by former members of the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP), which Tory had been a former Party President of. The party was seen as being ideologically close to its former party, the PnPP.

During its existence, the party served as the political wing of the Silver Fern Guard, the former elite military unit of the PnPP.


The original Te Pori existed when the nation was founded in October 2010. It was formed mere days after Aotearoa and, upon the linguistic divisions emerging, merged into the New Zealand Union Party.

PnPP Split & Birth

The modern incarnation was formed in October 2012, after days of speculation that Tory and some members would leave the PnPP. She, along with other members, had become angry with the functioning of the PnPP leadership during this period. Bitter infighting erupted between supporters of former PP's Valentyme and Dizzy Ramone and those who supported Tory and current PP Isaac Anderson.

These ruptures emerged after the June 2012 term of Oboacer, where he became inactive and Anderson duly followed as PP. At this time Valentyme did much to undermine his leadership and his election in August, unopposed, was largely seen as the last straw by those who felt the PnPP had sold out its original aims by cooperating with Love and Peace(L&P) and Ujedinjenje ili smrt (UIS).

By September, Tory had decided to leave and started by taking over the remains of the morbid eNZ Democratic Party (DP). She was duly elected PP in the following October elections. Some notably PnPP members who joined included former PP Isaac Anderson, Party Secretary mudduck95 and Jimi Jimson. Other notable members included Lime Parkour Flow, Edmond Rothbard and br3wster.

Early Period (Oct 2012-April 2013)

During the party's early period (Oct-April), TP promoted its own weekly newspaper, provided constant in-game media updates and was generally the only active party with a media presence. Much of its strategies were drawn from the PnPP, which had become docile since the split and largely ignored the TP venture. The party actively sought to present itself as a viable option for many voters, especially those who had once been loyal to the PnPP.

In the October 2012 Congressional elections, the party elected one member, Lime. In the CP race, Valentyme was the PnPP candidate and TP found itself supporting DaRkO 206 of the UIS out of sheer spite. Valentyme was duly elected and the party refused to join his government. Tory remained as PP for November and December with Anderson serving as SFG Commander and mudduck95 as party secretary. The party fell out of the top-five in November but elected two congressmen in December. It refused in both CP races to endorse any candidates, even the PnPP, due to the lingering disagreement.

In January the party again refused to endorse anyone and in the Congressional elections, it scored a breakthrough, winning 3 seats (mudduck95, Jimi Jimson and Lime). In the PP races, Tory stepped down and Isaac Anderson succeeded her. Mudduck remained Party Secretary. The party spend much of this period refusing to take part in CP elections, deeming them undemocratic due to the agreement among the other parties. In February and March Congressional elections, the party won 1 seat. In March Anderson stood down and mudduck95 was duly elected PP (his first in NZ).

The party's major breakthrough came in the April Congressional elections, where it captured 4 seats (its highest total ever) and again was seen as the only party not making "election deals" before votes were counted. It remained shut out of the NZ Cabinet and its influence was limited due to the other parties refused to cooperate with it.

Stagnation and Dissolution

After serving just one term Mudduck95 opted not to run for re-election and decided to leave NZ with the belief that little could be changed and that TP had served its purpose. He was succeeded by Tory but even she was unable to prevent decline as more established members (Lime, Jimi, Mudduck) continued to leave and the party fell to just 10 members by May. The party won 2 seats in the May Congressional elections and with Isaac Anderson back as PP it captured 3 seats in the June Congressional race but once again refused to endorse a CP candidate and was shut out of Congress.

The death blow for the party came in July when it fell outside of the top-five and was unable to regain its place. The PnPP intentionally refused to offer it votes, assuming correctly, that any TP members would vote for their candidates. From this period on, the party was unable to nominate any candidates for Congress and lost its last real foothold in the NZ political realm. Its isolation proved to be its death knell. Anderson resigned as PP by September and Tory again took charge but with little to fight for she had the party endorse Crusadercarl in the CP race but to its surprise was kept outside the Cabinet due to PnPP insistence.

For October and November, the party failed to nominate a CP candidate and the September wipe effectively gutted the party of any real membership as its last core group opted to depart for other parties or simply left NZ. Sensing that this was the end, Anderson decided to leave NZ as well, recognizing that his time had passed. Tory also saw the writing on the wall and decided to leave. Although Spud of Doom called for her to rejoin the PnPP, she refused due to the harsh treatment she had taken after founding TP. In the December race, she was succeeded by former PnPP member (name unknown) and subsequently, the TP was dissolved and replaced by Project Kiwi.


Tory and her supporters stated in the party's founding manifesto that TP was to be an opened party that supported an active NZ. The party has traditionally supported a "cooperative relationship with Australia, a more robust domestic economy (through protective measures) and an opened political system. This latter point has the party particularly vocal, especially in regards to dissatisfaction with the PnPP and the NZ political climate.

Silver Fern Guard

Mirroring the split that took place between the PnPP and TP, a split also emerged within the party's Military Unit the Kiwi Military Guard. Because Valentyme had a distrust of the other figures he founded the Deathwatch Guard in June as an independent MU while still remaining commander of the KMG. This angered Ginny Tory and PP Isaac Anderson, along with other KMG members. They began to have the KMG drift away from its affiliation with the PnPP and only kept up a loose connection to their parent party.

TO show their distrust of this organizational model, in September, a decision was made by the KMG members to rename it to Silver Fern Guard and to become an independent MU, with a loose affiliation with the PnPP. However, although founded as the elite military unit of the PnPP it had now developed an independent identity. When Tory and the others permanently left the party, they gravitated the SFG towards TP. Quickly, the MU affiliated with the new party and became its military wing (although many PnPP members remained in the MU after the split).

The SFG was a valuable military unit for NZ but when compared to the DWG, it never really lived up to its potential. Its major issue was that most of the heavy military hitters from the KWG had jumped ship to the DWG and had remained with the PnPP instead of TP. This significantly reduced the SFG to a minor MU when compared with the others in NZ.

By the time that TP became inactive in late 2013, the SFG had already become a weak organization and had limited ability to grow or develop. After the TP became Project Kiwi, the SFG remained a small MU, with no affiliation. It was eventually regrouped under the PnPP when JarkesH became PP and took over the now morbid MU, renamed it Peace 'n' Prosperity Troops and returned it to be the official MU of the old party.

Party Presidents

President Secretary SFG Commander Month
Ginny Tory Isaac Anderson Ginny Tory October 2012
Ginny Tory mudduck95 Isaac Anderson November 2012
Ginny Tory mudduck95 Isaac Anderson December 2012
Isaac Anderson mudduck95 Ginny Tory January 2013
Isaac Anderson mudduck95 Jimi Jimson February 2013
mudduck95 Ginny Tory Jimi Jimson March 2013
Ginny Tory Isaac Anderson Isaac Anderson April 2012
Isaac Anderson Ginny Tory Isaac Anderson May 2012
Isaac Anderson Ginny Tory Edmond Rothbard June 2013
Isaac Anderson Ginny Tory Edmond Rothbard July 2013
Isaac Anderson Vacant Ginny Tory August 2013
Ginny Tory Vacant Vacant September 2013
Ginny Tory Vacant Vacant October 2013
Ginny Tory Vacant Vacant November 2013
 ? Vacant Vacant December 2013