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General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Abbreviation TeK
National rank 2
Forum Forum
Colors Red, Black & White
Founded March 2008 & reformed May 2012
President M. de Ruyter
Vice President Xibbard
Secretary General bATRA
Councillor DrJens
Members 9
Congress Occupancy 4/29 seats, 14%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Teknokratene is the second biggest political party in Norway.

Party Program

The current party program is only available in Norwegian, and is very outdated. You can read it here.


Older history

Teknokratene was founded by Vestlandsmann, and for the two first Congress elections, the party was too small to actually have any candidates. During these elections they brokered a deal with Gullpartiet, where they agreed to vote for candidates from Gullpartiet, if a few members of Teknokratene could run for Congress under Gullpartiet.
After this, the party has had multiple party presidents, including heivoll, Pusur1993, reboot, Anders. and Evleos. One of the most prominent persons in Teknokratenes history might very possibly be Anders., as it was under his lead that the party first managed to get the majority in congress.

While suffering a minor loss of members during the inactive months, Teknokratene has now been growing steadily thanks to the minor population boom and increase in activity lately, some of which can be credited to Jbmalin, who has been Minister of Immigration for two terms. For a period, Norway saw an increase in almost 50 members daily.

August 2009 - early 2010

During the merger with Finland in September/October 2009, an operation by EDEN to avoid the threat from Russia in the north, and to fend of Operation Valhalla, by the Brits, Teknokratene was lost. When Norway was regained, a party called Unisont Noreg was formed, a joint effort to avoid a PTO, and after a party president election and discussions in Congress, this party ended up as the new Teknokratene.

Soon enough Teknokratene were back where they were used to be, struggling with Binary Party for the Presidential seat of Norway. While they lost the second month, they did regain the Presidential seat on December 5th, when Eris Caelestis won the elections, a few votes over Cirno.[1] This did not only end in the departure of Cirno[2], but in an all-out political war between the two parties. It is not known who threw the first punch, but some might say that the unfriendly comments on an article released in TeKken was what made the whole thing escalate[3].

During the first election of 2010, the January Presidential elections, a lot of users thought someone would try to perform a political takeover. To counter this, Teknokratene at first contacted Binary Party, proposing a contract that would save a place for TeK in future politics, where TeK would support BP this election, but would be prioritized in the unlikely event of a future election, and hence making sure that a TeK president would be elected if a future PTO were to happen. After brief negotiations it became apparent that this was not going to work, and Teknokratene put forth reboot as their candidate for the January 2010 elections.[4][5]

After an election that many believed would end with a victory of Binary Party candidate, Eha Pappkriger, reboot won because of his higher experience level, as the two main candidates ended up with a tie, 70 votes each. Shortly after the elections, reboot released his cabinet, which would be altered slightly before the final version.[6]

Summer 2010 - Early 2011

reboot's presidency would be followed by two months of Binary Party rule, and then the entire fragile electoral process of Norway was disrupted by PTO attempts. June 2010 would see Freke, probably the last Teknokratene president, take power. His second term would only start after the second impeachment of Cl4trap.

In the July 2010 party election the party was PTO'ed by Hunima, a Hungarian. The majority of active members moved over to Freke's new Fritt Norge party. Yan Hoek regained control of the party in August but by then events in Norway were spinning out of control following Mr Gordon Gekko's disastrous presidency. The party would eventually be disbanded when Finland conquered Svalbard & Jan Mayen on 31st August 2010.

In November 2010 Arthur Olavsson proposed renaming the Norsk Samling party 'Teknokratene'. Old Tek members dissuaded him however, saying it was better to try and move the Norwegian political scene on, rather than attempt to reclaim past glories or risk splitting the population down old lines.

Early 2011 saw the return of Gullpartiet. In response, Yan Hoek took control of Sentrum party in April 2011 and renamed it Teknokratene, hoping to recapture some of the spirit of Norway's prime.

However, as Norway once again got PTO'd by LavBoris and other Hungarians, Teknokratene once again was taken over and removed from the game.

Revival of TeK (Early 2012)

On January 1st 2012, raggizz and KristofferAG contacted SandeRBG, requesting help to revive Teknokratene. SandeRBG was the president of a party in eNorway with only one member, himself, and he wasn't very interested in joining the politics. He allowed for the party to be turned into Teknokratene, and released an article[7] announcing the re-formation of Teknokratene.

After Teknokratene was lost to PTO'ers in the two succeeding elections (February & March), then it was back in Norwegian hands during the anti-PTO efforts done in Endymionis's goverment.
It was left somewhat up for grabs after that, but had since then been taken up by Che Kukaken, Kristoph Woldskji and Stakerauo in an attempt to bring back and surpass the old glorydays.
Teknokratene also had the sitting president of May 2012 in Che Kukaken.

April 2018

In April 2018 it was discovered that orientation was changed from Center-left to Far-Right, and ideology was changed from Libertarian to Authoritarian.

Teknokratene in Congress


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