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Speech balloon.png eRepublik Wiki Translators Bureau

Welcome to the eRepublik Wiki Translators Bureau! The purpose of this page is to provide a central place for Wiki translators to become aware of changes that need to be made to translated pages. Here we will list General information pages that have been changed in English so that you know to change them in your respective languages.

Translation Information

For information on translating pages please review these pages:

Also, if you are looking for something to do, check out Category:Translations. These are pages that need to be translated, put in the right format for foreign language pages, or need to be re-translated. You can also see what pages in your language need to be created by checking this list Special:WantedPages.

The priority in translation should be

  1. Creating and maintaining pages in this category Category:Playing the Game
  2. Pages relevant to those that use your language (France translated into French)
  3. Reviewing categories Outdated and Stub for articles in your language and update them.
  4. Reviewing Wanted Pages for articles/templates wanted in your own language and create translations from the original English article.