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color is passed to the css background-color property. HTML color names (eg "#FF0000") or the color name (eg "red") can be used.

text is any text to be rendered inside the colorbox.

USA is the Wiki page, in this case USA.


Empty colorbox

For a colorbox with no text, use




Legends and keys

For a legend or key using color and a text-based marker such as a Caret (^), dagger/obelisk (†), double dagger/diesis (‡), or asterisk (*), use


which renders:

  ^    †    ‡    * 


  1. Whenever possible, always use a text marker to improve accessibility in articles. See Wikipedia:Colours for more information.
  2. Do not use a black shaded colorbox with text markers as the text will not be visible.
  3. The HTML coding &amp#42; must be used to create the asterisk as Wikipedia will treat the a typed asterisk as an indented bullet point
  • like this.
Linkable text

To create linkable text inside the colorbox, use


which renders:


Note:: Do not use a blue or red shaded colorbox with wikilinks as the text will not be visible.