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 name= |
 logo= |
 number= | <!--(company number as seen in the company's url on erepublik)-->
 song= |
 country= |<!--*-->
 owner= | <!--(these two rows)*-->
 owners= | <!--(are mutually exclusive)-->
 headquarters= | <!--region-->
 parent= | <!--parent organization-->
 licenses= |
 founded= | <!---date--->
 founder= | <!--(these two rows)*-->
 founders= | <!--(are mutually exclusive)-->
 type= |
 workers= |
 quality= |
 net_income= |
 avg_price= | <!--(average price)-->
 avg_salary= | <!--(average salary)-->
 industry= | <!--*Construction, Manufacturing, or Raw materials--->
 product= | <!---*Defense system, House, Weapons, Grain, etc--->
 services= |
 colours= |
 value= |

All variables have a default value (no data). This template automatically adds pages to the "Company of country" category.

The parameters marked with a * automatically add links

Additional Usage Info

  • name = Name of the Company
  • logo = Company Avatar
  • number = last digits on the eRepublik URL for the Organization
  • song = the name of the company song (optional)
  • country = the country the organization is based
  • owner and owners = if the organization has one owner, enter the name in the owner field. If more than one, use the owners field
  • headquarters = the region the organization is based
  • parent = enter the parent organization (optional)
  • licenses = enter the countries the company has licenses to sell goods
  • founded = date the company was founded (optional)
  • founder and founders = if the organization has one founder, enter the name in the founder field. If more than one, use the founders field.
  • type =
  • workers= number of workers
  • quality= quality, enter 1,2,3,4,5
  • industry and industries = enter the industries the organization is involved with - select from: Construction, Manufacturing, Raw materials, Media
  • products = enter the products the organization's companies produce - houses, weapons, iron, etc.
  • services = enter the services the company might provide (optional)
  • colours = enter the company colors (optional)