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This template in meant to be used on My country, Society, Economy, Politics, Military and Country administration pages to represent existing in-game menu. Simply place the code below to get the menu (works the same on English and translated pages).

{{Country Stats}}

Note: For the moment, highlighting an open tab is not possible (work in progress).


If the menu is not translated into your language, you can add the translation to Template:Country Stats/Strings with the following code:

  <!-- « Your language name » translation -->|
  society_«lang code» = «Society translation»|
  economy_«lang code» = «Economy translation»|
  politics_«lang code» = «Politics translation»|
  military_«lang code» = «Military translation»|
  administration_«lang code» = «Administration translation»|
  <!-- Portuguese translation -->|
  society_pt = Sociedade|
  economy_pt = Economia|
  politics_pt = Política|
  military_pt = Militar|
  administration_pt = Administração|
Note: two-letter ISO code must be placed in Template:Language codes, otherwise the translation won't work.