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Medal - Star of Romania.jpg

I, [[{{{2}}}]], President of Romania, hereby give to Decorations of Romania, Star of Romania, for actions of valor and honor.


This template goes in a citizen article by stating the type of the award given and the person who appoints it.

{{Decorations of Romania|''type of the award''|''appointer's name''}}

Type of the award is an abbreviation and can be:

  • FS - Star of Romania
  • MV - Mihai Viteazul
  • SoR - Star of Romania

To choose the award, simply add the code for that award type. Following are examples of how to assign correct award to a citizen:

Code samples

{{Decorations of Romania|FS|[[mib_boby]]}}
{{Decorations of Romania|MV|[[mib_boby]]}}
{{Decorations of Romania|SoR|[[mib_boby]]}}


Please note that this template is only to be used in citizen articles. Information about the awards can be found here: Decorations of Romania.