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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of United Kingdom
Seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.png

"Boblo save Ireland, 'cos we sure won't"

General Information
Country United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Headquarters London
Established December 2007
Newspaper UK Foreign Office
Part of Government of the United Kingdom
Type Ministry
Minister Mcafee01
Under Minister Mr Woldy
Team King Kumnaa, some dudes

This template is for use on ministry, department, agency and other government organisation articles.

All variables have a default value (no data).

The parameters marked with a * automatically add links


  |number= <!-- *if it has erepublik page; URL ID number -->
  |country= <!-- *as it is spelled in eRepublik! -->
  |logo= *


The example is for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (United Kingdom) and it gives the result visible on the right side.

  |name=Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  |country=United Kingdom
  |motto=Boblo save Ireland, 'cos we sure won't
  |newspaper={{eLink|newspaper|239373|UK Foreign Office}}
  |opened=December 2007
  |deputy=[[Mr Woldy]]
  |deputy_title=Under Minister
  |team=King [[Kumnaa]], some dudes
  |partof=Government of the United Kingdom