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Lord Phaedrus Lidox Atadünya

Phaedrus Lidox Atadünya
Birth · Ascension · Reappearing
The Word of the Lord
Ipsissima Verba
Greylight · Qualities · Turkishness
Lidoxan Dioism · Juche Lidoxism
Prominent Figures
Phaedrus Lidox
elephantman · John Daker
onrche · Modu Shanyu
Nicolae Carpathia · Dio Brando
Topics in Lidoxa
Followers · Censorship · Greece
Turkey · Mexico · China

Complex.png Complex template

The code of this template is really complex, please use your sandbox before editing this template

This is the primary Lidoxa template. Adding {{Lidoxa}} to any page would add the template seen on the right to the page.

More templates

  • {{Lidoxa/Core}}: The core template for {{Lidoxa}}. Not to be used on any page.
  • {{Lidoxa/Mini}}: Lightweight version of {{Lidoxa}}, to be used on short pages.
  • {{Dioism/Scripture}}: Template for formatting Lidoxan and Dioist literary works. I'm stealing the shit out of it but I'm not going to move it to its own template page.
  • {{Lidoxa/Views}}: Modified version of {{Fictional}}. Not to be used on pages containing factual information.