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This is a template for other medal templates. Only to be used in that way.

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This is one of the templates that can be used to display main in-game templates, which include:

It also includes one medal that is not visible in-game:


To use any of the medals, simply enter the name of the medal as it is in the game (the exact name can be seen in the Profile page by scrolling over the wanted medal.

{{Freedom Fighter}}
{{Hard Worker}}
{{Congress Member}}
{{Country President}}
{{Media Mogul}}
{{Battle Hero}}
{{Sky Hero}}
{{Campaign Hero}}
{{Resistance Hero}}
{{Super Soldier}}
{{Society Builder}}
{{Top Fighter}}
{{True Patriot}}
{{Party President}}


This template is not to be translated.

Adding new medal templates

Will be done by wiki sysops

See also

  • {{Medals}} - template with all medals