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General Information
Country Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublik
Language English
Owner Plato
Founded 1st June 2007
Subscribers 136367
Articles 296
Content eRepublik official news

This is a template for pages regarding Newspapers.






  • name - The name.
  • number - The Unique number (digits after the name of the newspaper) when looking at the newspapers page, e.g. the number is 81:
  • logo - The logo.
  • general - Type 'hide' or 'show' for automatic showing the section or not
  • country - The country it is located in.
  • language - The language it is written in.
  • owner - The current owner.
  • founded - When it was first established.
  • readership - Type 'hide' or 'show' for automatic showing the section or not
  • subscribers - The number of current subscribers.
  • articles - The number of current articles.
  • content - The type of content published, e.g. Political, economical, various etc...
  • style - The style of writing


Update April 2010

  • Complete rewrite
  • Backwards compatible
  • New look and feel

Update March 2014

  • Link correction
  • Examples added