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Complex.png Complex template

The code of this template is really complex, please use your sandbox before editing this template
General Information
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Abbreviation TAP
National rank 1
Website erepublik.com
Newspaper eRepublik Insider
Organization Admin
Forum forum.erepublik.com
Colors blue
Founded 1st April 2010
Dissolved 2nd April 2010
President Admin
Vice President Yamisuke
Secretary General Moderator
Councillor Headless
Spokesman Chicken
Members 600
Congress Occupancy 20/40 seats, 50%
Succeeds Party
Orientation Far Left
Ideology Totalitarizam


|name=The Admin Party

|website=http://www.erepublik.com erepublik.com
|newspaper=eRepublik Insider
|forum=http://forum.erepublik.com forum.erepublik.com
|founded=1st April 2010
|dissolution=2nd April 2010

|orientation=Far Left <!--It is without dash, won't show up in the correct category -->
|ideology=Totalitarizam <!--It is misspeled, won't show up in the correct category -->

This is a template for pages regarding Parties.




|orientation= <!--Use Far-Left, Center-Left, Center, Center-Right, Far-Right -->
|ideology= <!--Use Totalitarian, Authoritarian, Libertarian, Anarchist -->


  • name - The name
  • logo - The logo
  • number - The Unique number of it when on the profile page
  • general - Type 'hide' or 'show' for automatic showing the section or not
  • country - The country of location
  • abbreviation - The abbreviation of the party name
  • rank - The ranking number of the party in the country of location
  • website - The website, in 'http://www.example.com/ example website' format
  • newspaper - The name of the newspaper
  • organization - The name of the organization
  • forum - The forum, in 'http://www.example.com/ example website' format
  • colors - The colors
  • founded - the date of foundation
  • dissolution - the date of dissolution
  • political - Type 'hide' or 'show' for automatic showing the section or not
  • president - The party president
  • vicepresident - The vice party president
  • secretary general - The party secretary general
  • councillor - The party councillor
  • spokesman - The party spokesman
  • members - The amount of party members
  • congress - The number of people in congress (if you put only number, percentage will be automatically calculated) *Temporarily not working properly
  • succeeds - The party it takes over from
  • succeeded - The party that takes over from it
  • orientation - The political orientation, e.g. left, center, right...
  • ideology - The political ideology

Article examples


If you would like to use Party template on articles that are not in English, please use {{IParty}}

Update July 2010

  • Removed Military section /as discussed on template talk page/

Update April 2010

  • Complete rewrite
  • Backwards compatible
  • new look and feel

Update May 2015

  • Adding political titles for parties
  • Automatic categorization for Orientation and Ideology types supported ingame.

Fix February 2016

  • Fixed rank