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This is a simple rank template, which can be used similarly to Template:SmFlag.


Writing "{{Rank|Recruit}}" will produce "Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit". All of the links this template produces will point to the Military rank page.

Ranks with stars can be added by writing "{{Rank|Field Marshal**}}", which will produce "Icon rank Field Marshal**.png Field Marshal**"

If the rank icon isn't found, an icon of Private will be shown. Please check the name of the rank in case this happens (list of ranks can be found here).

How to use version 1 military ranks?

If you want to use military ranks from Version 1, you must put "V1" prefix before the rank name (if the name isn't right, it will default to current private icon).

{{Rank|V1 Private}} will produce "Icon Private.jpg V1 Private".