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This automatically updating table displays all the current territories of a country. For the purpose of convenience, the country's original regions are shown separately from the table.

Limits and other info

  • Maximum of seventy (70) total regions
    • Maximum of fifty-two (52) original regions, including the capital region
  • Capitals are always listed first


{{RegionsTable|<Original region 1>|<Original region 2>|<Original region 3>|last=<Original region 4>|showprod=<0 or 1>|showmap=<0 or 1 or 2>}}

  • Please type last= before the last original region in the list, so instead of:
{{RegionsTable|Northern Netherlands|Southern Netherlands|Western Netherlands|Eastern Netherlands|showprod=0|showmap=0}}
please use
{{RegionsTable|Northern Netherlands|Southern Netherlands|Western Netherlands|last=Eastern Netherlands|showprod=0|showmap=0}}.
Although it may seem trivial, it allows the template to work correctly.
  • Setting showprod to 1 shows what natural resources a region has, while setting it to 0 hides the additional information.
  • Setting showmap to 1 shows maps of the regions (which may sometimes be missing), while setting it to 0 hides the maps.
    • Setting showmap to 2 shows links to maps of the regions, instead of the full maps themselves.


Sample Code

{{RegionsTable|Alabama|Alaska|Arizona|Arkansas|California|Colorado|Connecticut|Delaware|District of Columbia|Florida|Georgia|Hawaii|Idaho|Illinois|
Indiana|Iowa|Kansas|Kentucky|Las Villas|Louisiana|Maine|Maryland|Massachusetts|Michigan|Minnesota|Mississippi|Missouri|Montana|Nebraska|Nevada|New Hampshire|
New Jersey|New Mexico|New York|North Carolina|North Dakota|Ohio|Oklahoma|Oregon|Pennsylvania|Pyongan|Rhode Island|South Carolina|
South Dakota|Tennessee|Texas|Utah|Vermont|Virginia|Washington|West Virginia|Wisconsin|last=Wyoming|showprod=1|showmap=2}}


The original territory of the United States of America is composed of several regions: Alabama (occupied by Icon-Chile.png), Alaska (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Arizona (occupied by Icon-Greece.png), Arkansas (occupied by Icon-Chile.png), California (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Colorado (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Connecticut (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Delaware (occupied by Icon-Turkey.png), District of Columbia (occupied by Icon-France.png), Florida (occupied by Icon-Chile.png), Georgia (occupied by Icon-Chile.png), Hawaii (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Idaho (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Illinois (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Indiana (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Iowa (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Kansas (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Kentucky (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Las VillasLouisiana (occupied by Icon-Greece.png), Maine (occupied by Icon-Turkey.png), Maryland (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Massachusetts (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Michigan (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Minnesota (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Mississippi (occupied by Icon-Chile.png), Missouri (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Montana (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Nebraska (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Nevada (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), New Hampshire (occupied by Icon-Turkey.png), New Jersey (occupied by Icon-Turkey.png), New Mexico (occupied by Icon-Greece.png), New York (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), North Carolina (occupied by Icon-France.png), North Dakota (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Ohio (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Oklahoma (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Oregon (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Pennsylvania (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Pyongan (occupied by Icon-Pakistan.png), Rhode Island (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), South Carolina (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), South Dakota (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Tennessee (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Texas (occupied by Icon-Greece.png), Utah (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Vermont (occupied by Icon-Hungary.png), Virginia (occupied by Icon-France.png), Washington (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), and Wyoming (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map