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s-start is the initial component in a template series for succession boxes.

  • Template:s-start — Opens a new succession box; used only at the beginning
  • Template:s-end — Closing succession boxes; used only at the end
  • Template:s-bef — For listing predecessors / check the {{s-bef}} for more information
  • Template:s-aft — For listing successors / check the {{s-aft}} for more information
  • Template:s-ttl — For listing titles and years / check the {{s-ttl}} for more information

The first five items on the list are the most basic for the creation of succession boxes, the additional four are used for more options. For headers of the succession boxes, check below; for additional options of each template, check that template.

Most of the templates consist of several strings; e.g. {{s-bef | before = (name of the person who preceded the position)}} {{s-ttl | title = (name of the title) | years = (period) }} or {{s-aft | after = (name of the person who succeeded the position)}}


        {{s-ttl | title = [[Party president]] of the [[Australian Independents]] | years = March 15, 2011 - April 15, 2011}}
        {{s-aft | after = '''Busynurse1510'''}}
        {{s-bef | before = N/A}}
        {{s-ttl | title = King of the [[United Netherlands]] | years=24th November 2013 - 17th March 2014}}
        {{s-inc | heir = -}}
        {{s-new | first | reason=Not recognized before}}
        {{s-ttl | title= [[Prime Minister]] of [[UK|Great Britain]] | years=6 April 2020 – 5 May 2020}}
        {{s-aft | }}


New title Party president of the Australian Independents
March 15, 2011 - April 15, 2011
Succeeded by
Preceded by
King of the United Netherlands
24th November 2013 - 17th March 2014
Not recognized before
Prime Minister of Great Britain
6 April 2020 – 5 May 2020
Succeeded by


Military Offices {{s-mil}} - Military offices
Government Offices {{s-gov}} - Government offices
Congressional Seats {{s-con}} - Congressional Seats
Party Political Positions {{s-ppo}} - Party political offices
Alliance offices {{s-all}} - Alliance offices
Diplomatic Assignment {{s-dip}} - Diplomatic Assignment
Royalty {{s-roy|ph}} - Monarchy of the Philippines
Peerages {{s-reg|uk}} - Peerage of the United Kingdom
Honorary Position {{s-hon}} - Honorary titles
Religious Titles {{s-rel|Dioism}} - Church of Dio titles

Header templates, such as {s-mil} can be created and used to header Succession Boxes, e.g:

{{s-new | reason = U.S. Army formed}}
{{s-ttl | title = Commanding General of the [[United States Army]]}}
{{s-aft | after = GEN [[Moishe]]}}


Military offices
New title
U.S. Army formed
Commanding General of the United States Army Succeeded by
GEN Moishe

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