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This template creates a menu intended to be put at the top of articles (below the languages menu).


<nowiki>{{TopMenu|<menu title>|<menu items>}}


[[File:Icon - Food Q1.png|50px|link=Food]]
[[File:Icon - Weapon_Q1.png|50px|link=Weapon]]
[[File:Icon - House_Q1.png|50px|link=House]]
[[File:Icon - Food_Raw_Materials.png|50px|link=Food raw material]]
[[File:Icon - Weapon_Raw_Materials.png|50px|link=Weapon raw material]]
[[File:Icon - House_Raw_Materials.png|50px|link=Weapon raw material]]
[[File:Icon - Defense_system_Q5.png|50px|link=Defense system]]
[[File:Icon - Hospital_Q5.png|50px|link=Hospital]]
[[File:Icon - Moving_ticket_Q1.png|50px|link=Moving ticket]]

Icon - Food Q1.png Icon - Weapon Q1.png Icon - House Q1.png Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Icon - House Raw Materials.png Icon - Defense system Q5.png Icon - Hospital Q5.png Icon - Moving ticket Q1.png