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This is the video template for embedded flash videos. Videos must use this template when added to a page; using the FramedVideo syntax will be treated as vandalism.


{{Video|type=youtube|id=9KgCH43FOvE|height=178|desc=Sometimes users record important battles}}

<video id="9KgCH43FOvE" width="270" height="178" desc="Sometimes users record important battles" frame="true" position="right" size="" allowfullscreen="true">type="youtube"</video>

  • |type= The service the video is hosted on. If not included, the template will default to YouTube
  • |id= The video ID, which must be included in this template
  • |width= The width of the video; default is 270
  • |height= The height of the video; default is 203
  • |desc= Description of the video; default description is "video"
  • |frame= Whether the video is framed or not, can be true or false; default is true
  • |position= Where the video sits on the page, can be left, right, or center; default is right
  • |size= If set to full, the video will use the service's full size option
  • |fullscreen= Determines if the service's full screen option is enabled

You do not need to use all of these parameters. If you choose not to include some of them, they will be set to default.