Temple of Kiwism

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Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Temple of Kiwism
Logo of Temple of Kiwism
Owners Alexander Janai and The Golden Kiwi
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Headquarters Flag-New Zealand.jpg Wellington
Founded December 11th 2010
Founders Alexander Janai and The Golden Kiwi
Products Prayers and holy artifacts
Services Holy place for the Kiwists, The Golden Kiwi
Colours Blue, Red and White

Temple of Kiwism was an organization created by the Golden Kiwi and Alexander Janai on December 11th, 2010, in Icon-New Zealand.png Wellington, New Zealand.

Other names to the organization were First Kiwi hall, Glory of the Golden, Palace of the Kiwi, The First Temple etc.


Temple of Kiwism had a teacher, that is in charge of the organization. It was used as a vehicle to begin an unsuccessful attempt at a religion called Kiwism.

Number Name Picture Assistant
1 Alexander Janai First Prophet of Kiwism Aldameldo


Birth of the Kiwi

Each Friday morning, all the Kiwists on New Zealand gather around in the Temple of Kiwism, and there they preform, with the prophet, the "Creation of the Kiwi".
It goes in this steps:

  • Eat a sheep meat, to represent the start of the Universe.
  • Bless on the sheep this:whakapai Tapu Koura Kiwi notemea hanga mea katoa a ao nui mārama a tangata *
  • Drink the Beer
  • Go to the alter
  • Say:whakahirahira Tapu Koura Kiwi, whakapai ōku kāinga tipu, ōku whānau ōku kāinga.**

* Means:Bless the Holy Golden Kiwi because he created all and the universe and Humans
** Means:O great Holy Golden Kiwi, bless my Homeland, my family, and my home


The most holy day for Kiwism is Friday, but in the other days of the week, evey Kiwist, and even every human in eRepublik can go to the Temple and confess on his Sins, and the things he did.
Everyone can confess on everything, and the Teacher of the Temple, or in the case of this Temple, the Prophet, will never tell no body.

The Temple

The outside of the temple in Wellington

The Temple of Kiwism is built in a Helenistic way.

  • In the front he is decorated with all sorts of color, that you can see bright in the eyes.
  • At the top there are three windows representing the three rules of Kiwism.
  • In the sides of the windows are the statues of Michael the Prophet, Jacob of New Zealand, Simon son of Jacob and Cocertinus.
  • On the top there are 9 Golden leaves. In each side there are 4 that represent the Love, the Pride, the Honor and the Respect. Same things in the front pillars. On the top there is one Golden Leave, representing the Golden Kiwi.
  • In the purple area in the top of the front, carved the journies of Michael the Prophet.
  • In the bottom of every pillar are carved the three brothers:Isaac, Matthew and running towards them, Simon.