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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

 The Authority of eRepublik 
(TVA Group Slogan)
Tennessee Valley Authority Group
Logo of Tennessee Valley Authority Group
Owners Jewitt, Kyle321n, John Jay
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Headquarters Tennessee
Founded 25 January 2009
Founder Jewitt
Industries Construction, Manufacturing, Raw Materials
Services Financial Aid, Monetary Accounting
Website http://www.tvagroup.info

Tennessee Valley Authority Group (Shortened TVA Group) was a corporation based in the USA and was comprised of many major organizations which operated multiple subsidies. Its employment figured rival that of the "Corporate Giants" of the USA and had a majorly complex overseas operation. It also was the first in eRepublik to operate a full-service banking system.


The operations of TVA Group were best described by an ever-changing climate of the markets and investment trends. There were six organizations under the control of TVA Group.

American WorldWide

  • Authority Guard Armory was a Quality One weapons company based out of Nebraska, USA.
Jewron Inc.

Authority Singapura

Jewron Incorporated

  • Elijah's Big Wood Authority, a Quality Three wood company, was located in Tennessee, USA.
  • Mjolnir's Authority Insurance, a Quality Three weapons company, was located in Colorado, USA.
  • The Authority of eRebuglik, a Quality One housing company, was located in California, USA.
Nelco Industries

Nelco Industries

  • Funke's Goodtime Family Band, a Quality Four hospital company, was located in Alaska, USA.
  • The Squimm Group, a Quality Two wood company, was located in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • The Cornballer, a Quality One gift company, was located in Arkansas, USA.
  • Natural Life Food Company, a Quality Two food company, was located in California, USA.
  • Bluth Company, a Quality One housing company, was located in Nebraska, USA.
Original TVA Logo

Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Authority Taco Stand, Quality Three, was a food company based out of Colorado, USA.
  • Authority Housing Q3, a Quality Three, was a housing company based in Tennessee, USA.
  • Authority Defense, a Quality One defense systems, was a company based out of Virginia, USA.
  • Authority Lumber Distributors, a Quality Three wood business, was based in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Authority Granary, a Quality Three grain company based out of California, USA.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority AUS
    • Authority Grains
    • Authority Foods
    • Authority Diamonds
    • Authority Gifts
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
    • Fort Jayjew321n

The Authority Bank of Commerce

The Authority Bank of Commerce, or ABC and the Bank of Commerce, was an organization which specialized in banking and loaning services and worked together with other banks such as the Florida Commerce Bank.

Banking and Other Services

The Bank of Commerce also operated many services such as variable-yield savings accounts, checking accounts, business loans, and other unique services. It was the first banking system which incorporated an integrated checking system with multiple choices for savings accounts.

Historic Practices

TVA Group had operated since the beginning of January 2009. It officially became known as a conglomerate when the organizations Nelco Industries (Kyle321n), American WorldWide (John Jay), and Jewron Incorporated (Jewitt) combined their accounts to form a single base for common business practices and make Tennessee Valley Authority. Over time, Jewron and American WorldWide would incorporate themselves into a practice of "money pooling" and become a tight-knit group of three organizations.

"Aggressive" April Expansion

On Day 507 of the New World, or 10th of April, 2009, TVA Group was founded to be the central owner of the then-three business organizations. On the next day, TVA Group would expand its Tennessee Valley Authority organization to include a subsidy of companies in Australia. On Day 510 of the New World, or 12th of April, 2009, The Authority Bank of Commerce would open to the public service market.

The expansion was spoken about by CEO John Jay,

 TVA would never reach its potential if it remained in the USA. It was time for a little aggressive expansion and I believe it was done at the right moment. 

Also during this time, The Authority Bank of Commerce would open up to public service.

Executive Staff

Although there are quite a few employees, there were three public Chief Officers at TVA Group.