Tequila Fitness Club

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Tequila Fitness Club

Party-Tequila Fitness Club.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Abbreviation TFC
Newspaper TFC Magazine
Forum Forum link
Founded October 2008
Dissolved January 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeded By The Sumo Fitness Club
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Tequila Fitness Club (or TFC) was a political party in Japan. It was based on the idea that real life political views don't work in a game, and in which the members just want to work together to make Japan better. The party name was unorthodox in comparison with those in real life because of the idea on which the party is based. It had 52 members at the time in which it became The Sumo Fitness Club.


The Beginning of a Party

When a Japanese citizen Grief took over an inactive party, he wasn't planning on actually starting a new political movement. However, two of his friends King Waseem and Origineel.NL joined the inactive party as well. The three started talking and then decided to create the TFC. All three came from different parties with different views, but they knew that they would able to work together, as they had done before while being in different parties. Just a month after the creation of the Tequila Fitness party, and still being the smallest (but highly active) party in Japan, the TFC managed to get their candidate Origineel.NL elected as the President of Japan. After that, the party slowly grew to become one of the most respected parties in Japan.

The Fall of a Party

Shortly before the August 2009 Congressional Elections, the party lost it's standing as one of the 5 largest parties due to key party members leaving the party, despite having had 10 members elected to Congress in the last election. Due to this sudden change, party members scrambled to one of the five largest parties in order to be an eligible candidate for Congress. Nevertheless, a half dozen former members appeared in the elections. The party ended up with one affiliated member, former party president Lauri Mursu, elected to Congress. Unfortunately, this also led to a gradual exodus of elected members to other parties, most notably to the United Lolies of Japan, before being resurrected following the election of the next party president, no1kevlin.

After no1kevlin took over leadership, a major recruitment drive enabled TFC to get back into the top five parties prior to the October elections for Congress. The recruitment push coincided with renewed activity on the web forum and news media, and various initiatives such as a weekly lottery, the TFC Militia, and TFC Bakery project. In October, TFC surprised most political pundits by electing seven members to Congress. When they increased that number to nine members in November, the party cemented its status as Japan's "third party". The revitalization took less than two months, and led some members to question whether TFC had strayed from its original philosophy of free-thinking, and become more of a "bulldog" party.

After a controversial decision by the Japanese government to retreat Kyushu, no1kevlin started an all-out attack on those, who he believed were responsible. After about a week and few more scandals/attacks later, no1kevlin, left the party with a scare and went to the Imperial Sun Party.

Party presidents

Party Manifesto

The party's manifesto can be found here.