Tercera Vía

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The Tercera_Vía (Eng. Third Way) was the name of several electoral coalitions that took place around the Ciudadanos y Democracia (in further text CyD) party for Spanish general and local elections.

June 2008

The first coalition was held in June and was led by the then CyD president of Koldo Berlanga. In it participated several parties including CyD, PF, PSD and UPL. In addition, the coalition was supported by more groups such as the Partido de Centro Renovador or Vanguardist Erepublikan Thoughts.

It managed to be the second most voted force, and it raised the spectacular figure of 6 seats in respect to the previous elections.

July 2008

In July, when the CyD party had a leadership crisis, the agreement was not renewed and was only supported by the Proyecto Socialdemócrata.

Therefore in this month CyD and PS had the joint candidatures.

August 2008

In August, when the CyD was under the command of Nesan Keihan-Tohoku, the party restore the relations with its traditional allies, Tercera Vía was agreed with UPL, PS, and PON. The end result was - doubled the coalition seat numbers compared to the previous month.

However, during the local elections in August, there was a misunderstanding between UPL and other parties, as evidenced by not reaching agreements for the Mayor's office for Madrid, although finally, alone CyD with hans kelsen won.

September 2008

In September, the relations between parties complicated, and as of that month, the concept Tercera Vía was used as a counterposition to Iniciativa para la Regeneración Política.

In the local elections, PS and CyD maintained their traditional pacts, to which was added the growing understanding with the Proyecto Fénix. CyD and PS were the big winners of these elections.