Terrorist Squad Tuljani

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AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

Terrorist Squad Tuljani

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General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Total Soldiers 10
Commanded by Feynovac
2nd Commander Zandistadt

Terrorist Squad Tuljani are a military unit in Icon-Croatia.png Croatia.

Beginning of "Tuljani"

 Tuljani is Croatian word for Seals 

The original name of Terrorist Squad Tuljani was Elite squad Tuljani, later only Tuljani. They were founded on 19th September 2009 as a special squad of Vatreni gušteri, with SL and SSL squads. They were founded by BorKan.

In the middle of February 2010, most of them resigned from Croatian army, and rest of them joined X Brigade of Croatian army.

On the 10th of March 2010 paramilitary unit "Tuljani" was created, and is active since then.

Paramilitary unit was founded by: Nenya, igor.sk aka King_Nothing, ivanveliki and Zdlemmy.

"Tuljani" in 2012

"Tuljani" counted a total of 79 soldiers and they owned 15 high quality companies. Commander was john_rambo. Everything that one soldier needs for the maintenance of wellness and the daily battles, they supply. In order to receive everyday equipment, a member is obligated to work in a company owned by "Tuljani". Standard equipment for all members is a Q5 Weapon and minimum of 60 wellness, often even more, depending on the significance of the battle. Organized actions are almost every day and sometimes even many times per day.

Minimum requirements for joining were working skill 10 and strength over 1000. Potential members were usually recommended by an older member or commanders vote based on knowing the applicant.

Official channel of "Tuljani" was #tank.hr

"Tuljani" in newer age

In 2015, the unit has 40 members and the Commander of the unit is bNJurisic. In 2019, the unit is down to only 10 members, commanded by Feynovac and his 2nd Commander - Zandistadt.

Military actions and damage

Their first bigger action was liberation of South Dalmatia. After that, they took part in over 53 different battles in 23 days in V2, which means an average bigger than 2 fights a day.

Most important actions

V2 Battles

  • South Dalmatia
    • 34 members of tuljani
      • 32.392,68 dmg
  • Far Eastern Russia
    • 30 members of tuljani
      • 9.359,90 dmg
  • Slavonia
    • 36 members of tuljani
      • 57.375,95 dmg
  • Balochistan
    • 25 members of tuljani
      • 9.195,22 dmg
  • West SR
    • 16 members of tuljani
      • 7.359,55 dmg
  • Varna
    • 26 members of tuljani
      • 12.619,13 dmg
  • Nordjylland
    • 32 members of tuljani
      • 4.175,54 dmg
  • Midi-Pyrenees
    • 30 members of tuljani
      • 18.301,00 dmg
  • Vestlandet
    • 20 members of tuljani
      • 19.125,13 dmg
  • Valley of Mexico
    • 23 members of tuljani
      • 14.130,83 dmg
  • Southern Thailand
    • 24 members of tuljani
      • 36.784,20 dmg
  • Santa Cruz
    • 28 members of tuljani
      • 7.226,90 dmg
  • Northern Ireland
    • 21 members of tuljani
      • 6.784,25 dmg

Tuljani were one of the strongest militias in EDEN, and have many times done bigger damage then some nation official armies.

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