Tewionist Party of Singapore

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Singapore Tewionist Party

White Lion Unit.png
General Information
Country Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore
Abbreviation TPS
Founded 1st entity: October 2009
2nd entity: December 2010
Dissolved 1st entity: November 2009 (estimate)
2nd entity: September 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /10 seats, 0%
Succeeds Singapore National Unity Party
Succeeded By The Wind Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Tewionist Party of Singapore, also known as Singapore Tewionist Party, was a political party in Icon-Singapore.png Singapore. Commonly used abbreviation of the party was TPS. The party was controlled by members of the White Lion Order.

First entity

TuukkaAlmighty established the first edition of the Tewionist Party of Singapore in October 2009 during the first crusade of the White Lion Order. There is not a lot of data, except that he was successfully elected in the Congress and that the party won November 2009 presidential elections with Erius. The party ID at the time was 2395.

Second entity

The second entity of TPS was created during the second crusade of the White Lion Order in Singapore (the 4th Crusade).

Its first Party President was Potaatti, who won the election against Parrington (December 2010, score 2-2) in the Singapore National Unity Party. Then, the name changed to the Tewionist Party of Singapore and the party gathered members of the Order.

TPS's first official congress candidates (December 2010) were Arctica, ReijoRitari, Potaatti and Zesmaster2.

TPS supported American Border Collie for the CP elections, a legitimate candidate who won the election in January 2011.

The second Party President was Bogdan Armand Sibrand, who won the elections in January 2011 by 4 votes, being the only candidate. Official congress candidates were Artica, Bogdan Armand Sibrand* (Singapore City), Zesmaster2*, ReijoRitari, erech* and Potaatti* (Peninsular Malaysia). Only four* of them got elected. For the CP elections in February, TPS supported Parrington, who won against Logan Dunleavy.

The PP elections in February were won by Arctica who was the only candidate and earned 3 votes. TPS's elected congressmen in February were Erius, Bogdan Armand Sibrand, ReijoRitari (Singapore City) and Zesmaster2 (Peninsular Malaysia). Haikkari (SC), Arctica, Cessos and Erech (PM) also candidated. TPS was neutral regarding the CP elections in March between lightofsirius and Johnnie Danger.

In the term's late period, Arctica resigned from his office, such as Erius did afterwards, and so Zesmaster2 became the new PP due to xp.

Bogdan Armand Sibrand became PP in March being the only candidate, and won by 2 votes. Bogdan Armand Sibrand and ReijoRitari were elected again congressmen in Singapore City, while Haikkari didn't. Cessos won the 3rd congress term of TPS in March in Peninsular Malaysia.

TPS supported scottty for the CP elections in April 2011.

Bogdan Armand Sibrand continued to be PP in April too, this time being elected with 3 votes. In the Congress elections, Bogdan Armand Sibrand was elected in Singapore City, while Reijo Ritari also candidated but wasn't elected. Initially, the PP was going to run for the CP elections in May but he changed the support for Mista II in the meantime, who won the elections by being the only candidate.

Bogdan Armand Sibrand was only candidate again for PP in May, being elected with 3 votes. He and SWIESZEWO were elected congressmen in May, while Haikkari wasn't. As for the CP elections, TPS supported the only candidate, logan Dunleavy.

The same PP was elected in June 2011 too, this time with 6 votes. Bogdan Armand Sibrand ran for CP in that term (5 July 2011), winning the elections by being the only presidential candidate.

After his CP term ended, Bogdan Armand Sibrand continued to remain PP of TPS until September 2011, when the PP elections were won by Fedor DSD.

This is when the second entity of TPS ended. The party ID at the time was 2394.