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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Icon Plato foundation former board member.pngeRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth 8th November 2011
Date of death 27th July 2022 (discovered)
Faith Tewionism
Newspaper News of the People
Secretary General of Pacifica
27th December 2016 – 27th June 2017
Preceded by Nalaja
Succeeded by Yui MHCP001
Supreme Commander of Asgard
10th November 2013 – 9th January 2014
Preceded by bATRA
Succeeded by Joshua Morriseau
President of Finland
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland
Military rank Icon rank Titan*.png Titan*
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 2.png Chief Master Sergeant**

TheJuliusCaesar was a notable citizen of Finland. He was practically in charge of the Finnish Foreign Policy from 2014 to 2016, and significantly paved the way for the transition of Finland from Asgard to Pacifica in late 2014. During the first half of 2017 he acted as a Secretary General of Pacifica for six months, during which the alliance moved towards Asteria and away from Syndicate.

In addition to the preoccupation with foreign policy, TheJuliusCaesar greatly enjoys writing in his newspaper, The News of the People, which features articles mostly regarding foreign affairs, statistics and history.

Life and deeds

Political career

First steps, an era in Anonyymit Herrasmiehet

TheJuliusCaesar was coincidentally born during the biggest baby boom Finland has ever seen, on November 8th 2011. He spent the first two months mostly 2-clicking without much of an interest in (or understanding of) the unfolding events in Finland. By January 2012 TheJuliusCaesar activated himself in politics and media and joined the emergent party of baby boomers, Anonyymit Herrasmiehet (Anonymous Gentlemen). He was quickly elevated to the vice presidential position of the party following a landslide victory by Johannes Korianteri in the party president elections. Together they tried to curb the excesses of the untamed anarchy of the party, partially succeeding. After the fateful elections where EDEN intervened and influenced the elections of its member nation[1], TheJuliusCaesar subsequently became the first minister in Anonyymit Herrasmiehet when he served as a Minister of Internal Affairs under Koze administration in March 2012.

The era in Anonyymit Herrasmiehet came to an abrupt end[2] when the first president of AH, Latezki, stole the Finnish treasury in May 2012. The event chain unfolding at the time discredited the whole Anonyymit Herrasmiehet movement and effectively erased the five months of work of making the party blend into Finnish politics. TheJuliusCaesar was forced to become politically homeless for the nonce.

Searching for a permanent home

TheJuliusCaesar served as a Minister of Foreign Affairs for the first time under JudasGoat in the interim government formed after the impeachment of Latezki in May 2012. The newly appointed MoFA settled in recently established Sinivalkoinen Liitto (Blue-white Alliance) after a period of pondering. The party, however, never felt like a true home and TheJuliusCaesar had a hard time cracking in the inner circle of the party. During the rest of 2012, he concentrated mostly on the military module - assisting Tse Kim in creating the Finnish Rangers - and withdrew to the background in party politics. Finland left EDEN and formed Asgard together with Sweden during the summer of 2012.

After serving twice as a MoFA in early 2013, TheJuliusCaesar decided to activate himself in national politics again. However, Sinivalkoinen Liitto became defunct and was dissolved in March 2013. He was again without a place to call home.

Old and new

During the spring of 2013, TheJuliusCaesar briefly participated in the rebirth of the old Red Jihad party with a collective group called White Lion Order. However, the project of WLO soon died due to inactivity, and TheJuliusCaesar moved on.

After successfully establishing a small scale Military Unit, Finnish Rangers, together with Tse Kim, the small group of friends decided to test their wings in the political module. In June-July 2013, a new party called Kansan Voima was born and TheJuliusCaesar finally established a stable presence in a political party - over a year after the demise of Anonyymit Herrasmiehet. Kansan Voima was never a protagonist in the Finnish political system in terms of the number of members. Indeed, the party never rose further than to the third most populous place in the ranking but was consistently among the top 5 parties - enabling them to run candidates for the Finnish congress. Kansan Voima, however, held disproportionate power in the Finnish political scene compared to its member count: members of Kansan Voima held regularly at least one or two spots in the Finnish government - largely because of TheJuliusCaesar's more or less continuous position as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

During late 2013 and early 2014, Kansan Voima faced continuous PTO attempts (like so many political parties in Finnish history), and finally succumbed to the pressure during the first months of 2014. The active former leader of the party, TheJuliusCaesar included, left the party, expelling it from the top 5 parties of Finland. Shortly afterwards the mentioned former leadership established a new party, called Unioni, to continue the work of Kansan Voima. In many ways, Unioni bore the same features as Kansan Voima, and generally filled the same spot in the Finnish political scene as them, and quite rapidly rose to a top 5 party as its predecessor has done.

Last moves

The last things that Julius did in the New World were being a party member of Wanhat Parrat and being a member of Oolannin Sotavoimat. On day 4,198 he wrote Two-year anniversary of the cities update – So much money which was adopted by wiki admins and published on the Wiki.


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Congress Member (x36)
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Country President (x2)
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Campaign Hero (x1)
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EDEN soldier* (x1)
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Asgard soldier* (x1)
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Pacifica soldier* (x1)