The Australian Patriot

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The Australian Patriot

General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Owner AP News Agency
Founded 6th November 2008, Victoria, Australia
Subscribers 72
Articles 18
Content Politics, war and economy (mainly Australian)

The Australian Patriot was created in post-colonized Australia, when Zaney became Prime Minister. It was one of the most popular Australian newspapers, simply because it published the most important Australian articles in a good format. Founder Vincent Grey and Mouj were the two writers, Mouj being the foreign correspondent and Grey being the ex-press director and general writer. Vincent Grey later switched it under control of his organisation, the AP News Agency.

AP News Agency

After increased public demand and the need for objective and reliable media, the newspaper decided to expand its operations by creating Australia's first news agency under the organisation name AP News Agency. The media agency had since delivered on its promise (which was also its motto) to provide "fast, objective and impartial Australian reporting" after it's launch on day 431 of the New World.

The Agency's official mission statement is "To provide Australia with fast, factual, objective and impartial Australian reporting of news and current affairs to the Australian people as it develops".