The Battle for Congress (4th Sept - 26th Sept)

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The Battle for Congress 4th September to 26th September is a battle between Norway and Sweden.


It all started the 4th September when Norwegian player Stakerauo had had enough of the Swedish occupation. At that day he started organizing a big army of Norwegian players and pro-Norwegian players. He told them that his goal was to free some regions, as Sweden said they would retreat from eNorwegian land if Norway could drive them out with force.

The 9th September Stakerauo temporarly dismissed his troops in believe that the Swedes were lying.

The Battle

The 20th Swedish player, Lonestar, published the article saying Sweden would deny Norway a congress. Since the so called "milking of Norway" was already making the Norwegians furious, this article was enough to make Norway tilt. The same day Stakerauo re-summoned his troops and told them that they would fight for a congess.

As Sweden was using Norway as a training ground Norway had at the time the battle begun, already some free regions. The first RW started in Trønderlag. Sweden soon after attacked back, and at the end it was all about how long Norway could hold Vestlandet. Due to player Taulen and Frederick Jaqcue Paul being up all night gathering mercs and soldiers, Norway could at the 26th say they beat Sweden's will. They did get a congress.


After this Norwegian president Christopher Moe and Swedish president KonkelBaer signed a peace. The deal was that Sweden would keep Nord-Norge and Trønderlag, and not use the rest of Norway as a training ground. The Norwegians still expect Sweden to attack them when Sweden's war with Canada is over.