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God Emperor Dio Brando of the Crescent and Star

Dio Brando
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Icon-Pakistan.png Dioism

This article contains the religious views of Dioism. (What's this?)

The Book of Dio is the holy text of the religion of Dioism, the state religion of the Holy Empire of Pakistan. It is the official chronicle of the adventures of Dio Brando. The compilation of stories and wisdom was written over the period of a month by Pakistani monks Altnabla and William Walker, with contributions from many other Pakistani. The Book covers various topics, from great wars to formed alliances to Falcon's enlightenment.

The Book is the basis for all learning in Pakistan and is studied by schoolchildren and Literature majors alike at the Falcon University of Creative Knowledge. It's believed that behind the passages in this book, there is an even deeper truth, one which would require a mind of the greatest caliber to discover and comprehend. All Pakistani are expected to be able to recite the book by verbatim upon completion of secondary school.

The front of The Book of Dio.

Reading The Book of Dio

Selected Quotes

 In the ancient times, there was nothing but sand. Sand randomly evolving without time or space. 
 ...There was no more pure golden sand and Dio used some bad sand to create the last of the Pakistani... 
 Dio had to protect the whole galaxy and universe and retrieve the precious golden sand.  
 And Dio smiled, raised his hands and said "PRIDE, POWER, PAKISTAN!" 
 As the Spaniards were ancient Pakistani, Dio decided that he would not exterminate them and hoped that one day they would recover reason. 
A celebrity reading The Book

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