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The Path to Peace

The path to peace is a simple path. It is linear and straight, and many roads lead to it. There is but one path that is the widest and strongest, the road of love that leads to peace. That road is beset on all sides by the divinity of our holy and immortal God Emperor Dio Brando. Upon that road we can tread day by day, night by night, for all eternity. This road is not alone for a Pakistani, it can be followed by all men and women worldwide. This road has many branches. Other paths that lead to the main road, the road of love and divinity, are: the path of righteousness, the path of right perspective, the path of right action, the path of truth, the path of trust, the path of honesty, the path of right endeavor, the path of care, the path of concentration.

All these paths lead to the road of love and enlightenment under our immortal and holy God Emperor, Dio Brando. Our Lord. I shall present you with a story of a man who set forth to go on this road:

There once was a young man who had just aged past puberty. He had been living in his village for all his life, helping the family with the fields and was a very lively boy, albeit shy. He got tired of the village and asked his father for permission to leave the village. Father, I have been living here all my life. I ask that you permit me to leave until the next harvest to see the world Are you sure my son? It is dangerous in the world. I am sure of it, father. I wish to see the world, see new things and meet new people. Fine my son, but be here for the next harvest. I will give you two things. Firstly, my dagger, you will need it more than I out there, and this letter. Do not open it until you have found what you have been looking for. Who is it for? It's for you, open it when you have found what you have been looking for. What am I looking for, father? the father laughs, You know better than I! Now go to your mother, she will get everything ready for you. And so he thanked his father and prepared for his travels. As he set forth to venture into the world, the entire village bid him farewell, his mother shedding the most tears of all. Touched but determined, the young man set forth to travel in the world. He headed west, towards the nation of Iran.

He followed the Sutlej river south, to go along the coast and avoid the large mountainous regions. Out of impatience, he canceled midway and headed directly west into the mountains. On his path he was caught in a devastating sandstorm, regardless of the sandstorm whipping against his body, he continued westwards and luckily found a small gathering of nomads. He approached them slowly and cautiously. There was no one outside of the tents, naturally, considering there was a sandstorm outside. He approached a tent and called out: Hello! Is anyone there? Come in. a strong voice bid him. He entered and caught sight of a small nomad family. An elderly man with his wife and a child. The wife and child were behind him, the man ahead of them, protective. What do you want?, the man grunted, staring at the dagger of the young man. Oh, he realized this and slowly put it down don't worry, I mean you no harm! I only search refuge from this sandstorm. the man eyed him and bid his wife and child to leave to another part of the tent. They looked smaller from the outside. Hello, stranger, my name is Ahmad. Sit down, have something to eat, something to drink. You must be tired. Where are you headed? Oh I am traveling through the world. I don't really know where to go yet. Ah, sounds like us. Restless, always moving. Do you know where I should go? To see the world I mean. I want to see some new things, new people. See exciting things! Continue going west my son. Iran may appear similar to Pakistan, but they are also rich in diversity and culture. You will enjoy it there. The further west you go, the more you will find. What are the dangers in the west? The face of the man morphs into a frown You must be careful, my son, of the men who have hair lighter than the sun and skin like clouds. Only those you must fear. his face relaxed, Besides them, all the peoples of the western nations are not to be feared. Naturally there are those who are without the love of our Lord, but you will recognize them if your heart is true and your mind is clear. I hope so. answered the young man, as they then ate together. As the sandstorm passed, the young man thanked the man and his family for their hospitality and went on his way. He wanted to pass the mountains quickly, to get the worst of it behind him as soon as possible. He began to venture through the passes of the mountains, amazed and touched by the beauty. It was so lush and rich in colours and smells he was amazed. It was just as the elders had told him, beautiful. On his path he encountered another traveler. He was carrying many bags and a large backpack, too large for him. He staggered and stumbled forward, barely moving at all. The young man approached the traveler that appeared younger and smaller than him Hey, can I help you?

Wha- WOAH! the young boy toppled backwards as he looked up towards the young man, rolling down a hill. Oh shi- the young man proclaimed and quickly ran after him trying to stop him. At the bottom of the hill were many rocks, the young man managed to run fast enough to catch up with the rolling ball of boy and held onto the backpack. He pulled and tried to entrench his feet into the ground, but the backpack was too heavy. He quickly took out his dagger and cut the ropes holding the backpack to the young boy.

He then fell backwards and the young boy came to a halt, the heavy backpack continued to topple down until it hit the rocks and exploded. Out came wool and leather, some goods the boy must have been transporting. Look what you did!, the young boy screamed Do you know how long it will take for me to clean all this up? Don't worry the young man calmed him, I will help you clean it up. Thank you. C'mon! I need to get these to my family in Zahedan! And so the young man helped the young boy collect the wool and leather. They divided the weight, each carrying half, thus making it easier for the little boy and for the young man to carry. As they walked back up the young boy told him that his father is a tanner in Zahedan, they trade with the herders and farmers in Pakistan because Pakistani sheep have better wool! but he was clear to mention that the best leather is from Iranian cows. The young man and the young boy continued to Zahedan together, laughing and enjoying each other's company along the way. By the time night had arrived, they were on the outskirts of Zahedan. You can stay at my house for the night! I have sisters, so you will have to sleep outside.

Thank you very much., the young man answered. They both smiled and continued to the house. There they had a festive meal, the women ate in their quarters and the men in theirs and they laughed and sang deep into the night. The next morning, after prayers, the young man thanked the family for their hospitality and the family thanked the young man for helping their son transport the wool and leather. He bid the family farewell and continued to go west.

As he continued to go west, he was stopped by an Iranian patrol. To the time of this young man, irregular controls were a normality. The young man was inquired by an older and round Irani police sergeant: ID card please. Here you are sir., the young man gave the sergeant his ID card. The sergeant inspected it thoroughly and realized the young man was a Pakistani. You are a Pakistani? Yes, sir. And what are you doing here? I am traveling the world, sir. Just traveling?, the sergeant raised a brow. Yes, sir. I want to see the world! Well, I will show you a whole new world! Boys, arrest him! The young man was handcuffed and thrown into the back of the police car A Pakistani spy, the colonel will be happy with me! 'Traveling', hah! What a joke! the sergeant mocked as he and his companion laughed. The young man was thrown into a prison cell, along with other so-called Pakistani spies. He looked around and saw the mangled, starving men who eyed him cautiously. The police had confiscated everything he had, his goods, his dagger, he could only hide the letter he received from his father.

So, another spy, eh?, asked one of the inmates as he eyed him Oh don't worry, they will break you in nice and fine. he laughed in a cackling fashion. The young man saw that he was obviously past sanity, probably in here longer than he had been alive. He knew screaming would not help, or resisting. He was lost now. He looked out of the bars of the prison to see the sun setting. The young man sighed to himself as he sat himself near the bars, to make sure that a guard could see him if anything were to happen... Night broke in and it was silent in the prison, besides the wheezing of an old man who was under-nourished and thirsting. The young man was curious Hey, father, why did they put you in here?

Me? I had money, that's why. The government came and took it all. They took everything. I resisted and now I am here. That was 10 years ago. the old man sighed. The young man frowned in a mix of disgust towards the government and sadness by the old man's situation. Suddenly, the silence was broken by gunshots. None of you move! a guard screamed as he ran out. Everyone was on their feet now, looking out the bars and waiting. More gunshots were heard, the guard who just screamed at them toppled backwards and fell. Three men with assault rifles entered and screamed You are all free! as the cell doors opened. The inmates crawled and ran out as fast as they could, the young man stopped in front of one of the masked men who was taking the guard's weapon and asked Who are you brave men? the masked man answered We are the Iranian Freedom Front! I am Izirbat, I fight for a free Iran! Go now, they are going to send soldiers! The young man ran towards the exit, only to remember of his possessions. He entered the armoury of the prison and took his dagger and bag. He saw an Iranian guard huddled in a corner, protecting himself with his hands and pleading to the young man Don't kill me! Please! I didn't beat anyone! the young man recognized the companion of the sergeant who was in the same police car. The young man took a step forward, then looked back Follow me! Quickly! the young man ordered. They snack out of the prison together and through the alleys of the city they were in. As they were in safety the guard thanked the young man Thank you! Why did you spare my life! the young man replied without a doubt I spared you, because I expect that you would have done the same. the young man smiled to the guard and then disappeared into the night.

Luckily, our young adventurer managed to hitch-hike to the Irani-Turkish border. He then joined a group of refugees who were fleeing the country. They managed to come through the borders unscathed. On their trip he heard other stories of injustice and wrong-doing within Iran and hoped that that man he met in the prison would change Iran, for the better.

Within Turkey he then decided to visit their big city that connects Europa and Asia and see the great mosques and the city life. He was very curious as to how the people live in Turkey although he heard they were aggressive peoples. He continued through the land and realised that the geography of Turkey was similar to Pakistan. The people looked similar too, but the language he did not understand. He managed to stay at a few hostels by using his hands and legs to talk, the most difficulties came when he had to pay as the Turkish hostel-owners would demand more than normal.

On his was through a mountain pass he met some strangely dressed people. He caught up to them and asked them who they were We? We are Israeli refugees. he asked where they were headed Where we are headed? We are trying to seek a place where we will not be harassed or discriminated against. These Turkish people oppress us, deny us jobs and have us starve. How can we live in a country like this? But we have no other choice, they have stolen our land. But we will get it back, in time. the young man was disturbed by the aggressiveness of the Turkish people. They are far more aggressive than he had imagined. Conquering nations and oppressing the people they conquer.

As he finally arrived in Istanbul he was astonished at the size of everything and the noise of the streets. He was never in the big cities of Pakistan, so this was all very new to him. He feared to get lost. He visited a few mosques and decided to write a letter to his family. He sat down outside one of the mosques and wrote the letter, telling him of his adventures on the way. He put it on a postbox and took rest in a hostel for the night.

As morning broke, the young man went to the docks and decided to venture forth by ship. As he arrived there and asked if he could sail abroad for free, but help with working, he met the guard that he saved in the Iran You?! Here? they asked each other and laughed. After you saved my life, I escaped Iran and decided to build a new life in Turkey! I am a sailor for this rich merchant here. If you wish, I can smuggle you aboard! Thank you very much! they then went aboard and sailed to south Italy. Good luck on your travels! wished the young Iranian and the young Pakistani man continued north on his way. It was already nearing winter and he heard that it would get colder in these regions. Luckily his mother prepared him well with thick clothing. He left Italy and continued north towards Austria, Switzerland and Germany. He passed the Alps through a tunnel, missing the beautiful mountains but saving a lot of time and health.

Once he arrived in Switzerland he was astonished to not see Swiss people, but blond people with pale skin roaming the streets and filling the businesses. He was startled at first, and then shocked. He remembered the words from the nomad on the beginning of his journey. Those people fit the description exactly. Once realizing this, he slowly backed away and attempted to flee the city. He ran and ran as fast as he could and back to the tunnel he came from. Inside the tunnel he saw a Swedish patrol. He began to panic. How could he escape? What would he do if they caught him? The patrol was nearing him, coming closer and closer, he was panicking. The Swedish patrol then came straight to him No! Please don't kill me! Oh please oh please! I am so young! Please let me live! the young Pakistani cried. The Swedish patrol, obviously confused and startled replied calmly Don't vorry my friend. You are safe here. Do you need a doktor? the man asked. The young man slowly lowered his hands from his face and got up No, I am fine... Thank you. he awkwardly replied and then continued through tunnel, very embarrassed by the entire situation. It turned out the Swedish people were much like him, they were not cruel or hateful or would kill a Pakistani. It must be the Swedish government that is the true instigator, as he realized he was just lucky to not be controlled. In the back of the patrol Jeep were other men who were arrested for reasons oblivious to him, for now.

Instead of going to the northern regions, the young man decided to complete his voyage in Paris before returning home. He would like to see the city of love in a blanket of snow before he had to leave to go back home for the harvest. He took the train in Turin directly to Paris. It was there, under the Arc de Triumphe he sat down and realized that he had gone forth into the world with fears and doubts, and has arrived in the city of love with a clear vision and confidence. He realized that not everything is as it seems and that the true path to peace, is love. Not aggression or oppression or hate. Only love. It was there that he decided to open the letter that his father wrote him:

Dearest Son, I am so glad you have found what you have been looking for! You are now on the path to peace, my son. I am sure that if you continue to follow this path, that you will achieve everything you wanted to and more. I hope you have seen now that the journey you have embarked upon many months ago, as not a journey to see new things, but to see within yourself. It was a journey to discover the world and now you have discovered yourself and your place within this world. I cannot wait to see you home soon, my son.

With love, your father