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This article contains the religious views of Dioism. (What's this?)

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The Concept of Dio's Love

Dio Brando, our blessed and holy immortal God Emperor, has bestowed upon each and every Pakistani the idea of love. Under this greater topic of love there are categories beneath it. The most important being friendship, peace, tolerance, acceptance and sex.

In this chapter we will discover, together with our Lord, the meanings of these and how we must use the love of Dio to help each other and ourselves in life:


Friendships are important factors of life between Pakistani and important factors of life between other people in life. Non-believers also have friendships, but are those friendships as rich and wealthy in happiness and love as they are between believers? Here is a story of friendship.

Abdul, a young child and believer of Dioism went to Dio-school daily. He prayed regularly in the temple and was an obedient son. He was friends with Vaclav, a heathen immigrant from Sweden in Pakistan. Vaclav was not permitted to go to Dio-school, being a Swedish immigrant, but he frequented the local public school.

One day, the path of these two young children crossed. It was at the local park where the two played football with others. At the end of the game, the two came into a discussion. “Vaclav, do you believe in Dio?” Abdul asked Vaciav. Vaciav denied and said “Dio? He does not exist. There is only one god, his name is god.”, Abdul answered him and asked “How do you know that Dio does not exist?” Vaclav simply replied that “I know.” Then Abdul began to show him how he knows that Dio exists “Do you see the sky? Do you see the sand upon which we walk? Do you see the trees and their rich green color? All this is Dio.” Vaclav was doubtful “How do you know that Dio made all this?”, Abdul simply answered “I know, because all of Dio's creations are beautiful. But don't worry, Vaclav, you too can be beautiful if you find Dio within yourself and learn to love and cherish all that is within this world”

Vaclav, deeply insulted by Abdul's remark began to call Abdul names and push him. Abdul did not defend himself, but instead turned 360 degrees and smiled at him. Vaclav, clearly confused by this sort of behaviour which was new to him, gave up trying to fight Abdul. He asked how he could accept Dio into his heart. Abdul simply gave him a hug. Within seconds, Vaclav's hair changed to a dark black, the color of his eyes turned from bright blue to hazelnut brown, his hooves turned into hands with thumbs and for the first time in his life, he smiled. Truly, Dio had opened his heart and mind.


Peace is an important factor of day to day life in Pakistan, as well as a global factor in politics. Here we will take a short glance at countries who have peace on their agenda and countries that are barbaric and warlike.

Sweden is a warlike and barbaric country. These peoples have hate and intolerance within them from their birth. The people in Sweden fight often and many families are dispersed, leaving the children alienated and listening to horrible, pig-disgusting music. This is also why the suicide rate in Sweden is the one of the highest, second to Japan. If they are not fighting each other, they tend to try to fight other countries. This is, however, a very subjective perspective and generalization of the Swedish population. As of now, many Swedes are already leaving the country, seeking refuge in countries with more tolerance and love, such as Pakistan, to make their lives better. Many of the inhabitants of Sweden are also slaves to the pig-digusting capitalists of Sweden, who tend to exploit the people of Sweden TO THE MAX!

Spain is another country which has warlike and barbaric tendencies. Although they are more civilized than the Swedes, the pick-pocketing rate in Spain is the second highest in Europe (second to Romania) and highest worldwide. The Spanish people are hot-blooded, that means they like to scream a lot which can often lead to confusion when they talk to other countrymen or, even worse, on a political and global scale. The Spanish are for this reason, disliked within Europe. For this reason they are already trying to contact South American countries to improve their relations, without success. Why? Because they are double Spaniards.

Turkey is one of the latest war-mongering and hate-inciting countries. In the past they have only been known for enslaving the Hebrew population of the new world. However, a recent influx of peaceful peoples have made Turkey into a country worth living in. May Dio assure that peace be the most important factor for this nation.

This is a reflective view upon a few warlike nations and it should be known to any reader, that the primary goal of any Pakistani should be to enforce and expand peace at all costs. Peace, is wishful and needed. Peace gives life, gives hope and gives happiness. Within peace, love can bloom. One day, Pakistan will be able to give peace to the entire world and the entire world will have the love and share the love that is given to and entitled to each and every person in the universe.


In this growing world and ever-expanding universe, there will be more prophets and with those prophets will come more religions. In a short story, I will present to you, tolerance:

There was a man named Umar. He was a faithful believer of our holy and immortal God Emperor, Dio Brando. He was on his way to the local temple when he was interrupted on his way by a hedonistic prophet proclaiming the arrival of a new god. Umar ignored the cries of the prophet and continued to the temple with his brothers to pray.

The next day, after work and on his way to the temple, he was again encountered by the heathen. This time he would come closer, offering pamphlets of his religion. Umar accepted a pamphlet and continued on his way to the temple to pray. He read the pamphlet when he arrived at home. He saw the ideas of the heathen, did not believe in them, but did not judge them.

The next day, at the temple, there was a group of people in a circle screaming and chanting. Umar came closer and noticed the hedonistic prophet was fighting with a brother. Umar quickly intercepted the two and kept the heathen away from his brother. The prophet was very aggressive this time, his face was mangled and bloody. He was frowning and screamed that if the Dioist brothers did not repent and follow his religion, that there would be consequences. The brothers told him to go back home and let them pray in peace.

The next day, Umar arrived at the temple to see it surrounded by police and firefighters. “What happened?” asked Umar “The prophet took his life in the temple. He entered before prayer-beginning and tried to set the temple on fire. He was caught on fire himself and died.” Umar recognized this as sign to keep his tolerance, as the false prophet did not tolerate the Dioists and burnt himself.