The Book of Dio/Chapter 2

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Iran, Indonesia and Spain

Without Dio's help, all the Pakistanis were very stressed and did not feel good. These were dark times for this was the first time Dio disappeared.

Falcon was the only one which had sense, and so he told the Pakistani people not to worry and to wait for his return. Dio had to protect the whole galaxy and universe, and retrieve the precious golden sand.

Everyone felt reassured by these words, but as years passed Dio still not returned. The-man-that-does-not-deserve-a-name had no longer access to the top quality sand for there wasn't much left, and all the sand was kept to help the weak and the olds.

And he-without-name began to spread the word that Dio was still on ZA WARUDO but no longer in Pakistan, that everyone had to look for them. He took three men that were once very well-known.

The First

The first of them was Isnuwardana, the courageous and the brave. He was well respected, and headed south. He formed the greatest of all nations, Indonesia, where life was happy for years and through time, went everywhere in the world, including the current USA, Canada and all of the east Asian and American continents.

The Second

The second was Izirbat, the good and the generous. He was not created by Dio himself but had parents of great lineage. The Unspoken One followed him to the west. But as soon as they left Dio's sight, Izirbat was betrayed by the Unspoken One and Western Pakistan was befouled. The followers of The Unspoken One became violent and menacing whilst the followers of Izirbat were good and did not want to spill blood. The Unspoken one usurped Izirbat and later transformed West Pakistan into Iran.

The Third

The third to leave was Taguaro, a timid man with dark aspirations. He payed henchmen which would do everything for him. He wanted fame and power and tried to look for Dio everywhere to kill him (fool that he was!), and to ensure his domination over ZA WARUDA. His people would be known as Spaniards. Not all of them were evil, but they grew to lust for gold. They installed themselves in western Europe and their country is now known as Spain. There are many Spaniards in all of Europe. Especially in the United Kingdom, which was an ancient Spaniard colony.

Dispersed and weakened, Pakistan was nearly dead due to the Unspoken One. Falcon was able to stand strong for all the remaining pakistanis.

Years passed and Dio's name began to fade. Only in Pakistan was it still strong and warm. All other countries had forgotten of him.