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The Swedes

It was in December that Dio returned to Pakistan. He came from the highest mountain in Tibet and jumped down to Islamabad. At his arrival, everyone was crying manly joy tears and had their faces on the ground, blessing Dio's name, again and again.

The Return of Dio

And Dio smiled, raised his hands, and said " PRIDE, POWER, PAKISTAN ". Everyone was raging tears of happiness and all said "PRIDE, POWER, PAKISTAN". Falcon was the most affected, and manly, but not homosexually, kissed Dio.

The news began to spread, first to Indonesia then to Iran, but it reached Spain last. Indonesia swiftly showed Dio all the miracles they had accomplished, and Dio was pleased - for Indonesia was growing every day, and very progressively reached Australia.

Dio then moved to Iran where The Unspoken One had made his nation grow from capitalism. Women were unhappy for they had to wear veils all the time. Men were slave workers, and children were not willingly conceived, leading sometimes to sinister individuals.

Dio was enraged to see the poverty of Iran, and came into The Unspoken One's palace. Fear struck the Unspoken One, and he tried to apologize to Dio, crying feminine tears. Dio was touched nonetheless, and asked The Unspoken One to better lead his people - which he accepted.

Dio then went to Spain, but the first man to meet his road spat on his feet. While it has for a long time been believed the man was a Spanish citizen, it is no longer the case. Apparently, the man was a man with no country. Nevertheless, it should have been the duty of any Pakistani to educate him, which was not done until he committed the unforgivable. Dio, in anger, killed him with only the nail of his finger, and not a drip of blood fell on his clothes - for it would have corrupted the textile. A nomad discovered his corpse and cursed him nevertheless but the evil was done and Dio would never forgive them for not doing their duty.

As the Spaniards were ancient pakis, Dio decided that he would not exterminate them, and hoped that one day they would recover reason. He went back to Pakistan and expanded it from Russia to India, including Japan and Alaska. There were even some commercial outposts in Jerusalem and Denmark, far away from Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Unspoken One had deep and dark plans to overthrow Dio. He decided to go to Spain with his best scientists and discuss a lot.

They had come to the idea that Dio was made of sand (which was absolutely correct) and decided that they would have to create another matter that would counter this sand.


One night, they finally were able to create the anti-sand - snow - but the substance was so corrupt it began to spread to the soil, creating waters in the oceans, separating the continents. The once Gureto Indonesia, expanding from South Africa to South America was swallowed by the waters, leaving only the capital and some nearby cities. The north began to get cold and Pakistanis were forced to retreat to China - leaving those who were already affected by the curse of snow behind.

Amongst the epicenter of the corruption were the Spaniards, all the scientists that helped creating the snow were very deeply affected inside, but outside as well. From the dark and brown hairs of the Pakistanis, they became blonder and taller with blue eyes, showing nothing but the absence of souls completely taken over by the snow.

The Unspoken One was affected as well but due to the fact he was a first-generation Pakistani, he was apparently unaffected from the outside. Only were his blue eyes, proving that he lost his Paki soul for the dark and deep cold that was surrounding the planet...

Dio was immediately aware of the danger. In fact he knew beforehand, but always hoped that the destiny could change. Before they committed the sins, The Unspoken one and Spaniards were still pakis and therefore innocent before committing the acts.

But it was all too late now.

Dio put his hand into the biggest desert of Pakistan and made a sword from the very last drips of the golden sand. He took it over his head and spoke to every Pakistani.

When he called, all of them heard the message : "Pakistan, let us fight for the reunification. Let us fight for ZA WARUDO, let us fight for peace, let us fight for freedom of speech, let us fight for everyone. Pride, Power and Pakistan my friends... Pakistan.."

The Works of Altnabla

This concludes the Book of Dio as realised by Altnabla through sources and various legends of Peshawar. Many inaccuracies and arguable materials are known to be present, but it is believed that this book is the first to take many of the legends into one storyline.

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