The Book of Dio/Chapter 5

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The Promised Land

Soon after Dio’s return, His thousand sons that had arrived to Holy Land established themselves in the different regions of Pakistan. Life was once again serene, although not as it was during the time of Peace.

Under Dio’s infinite wisdom, Pakistanis built a just society with no hunger, no poverty, no unsatisfied needs, and no heresies. Life was once again serene, although not as it was during the time of Peace.

Guided by the light of Dio, and commanded by the voice of Falcon, Pakistan became the grandest civilization that ever was. Thousands of Dio’s faithful servants worked in unity creating harmony and equality. When all of the Holy Land’s initial Four Great Regions started getting too populated for the healthy living of its inhabitants, Dio in all His knowledge created a new Sand Region: Srinagar. Soon this land was, too, filled with all that was needed and required by its laborious citizens. Life was once again serene, although not as it was during the time of Peace.

Dio saw all of this, and allowed it for it was good. After some time, however, his great heart started to ache. Sure, the land that he had given to His sons was good and rich; and sure, it was the envy of all the heretics that had forsaken Him years before; but, was it fair to leave innocent lives outside of this glorious country? New nations had formed since the day that He spoke to the Spaniards, to the Iranians, and to the Indonesians. Was it fair to leave them, who had not rejected Dio for they had never gotten to know Him, out of this glorious country? And even more important: was it fair that his faithful Pakistan sons didn’t get to experience Peace as it truly was meant to be? Dio knew the answers to this even before He knew the question. Time had come to bring Pax Pakistanika to the world. Time had come for life to be, once again, as serene as it had been during the time of Peace.