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A Tale of Treason

In a time before ours, there were two men. Their names were Umda and Bura. They were good friends when they were young. They played together, they grew together and they planned to go through life together as friends.

They were poor Pakistanis. They originated from the rural areas near Islamabad. Their father's were farmers, their father's fathers were farmers and so on. And so their father's intended them to do the same. Umda was loyal to his father and he loved his father dearly, he decided to stay on the farm of his father and carry on his legacy.

Bura on the other hand, was at odds with his father and family. He did not want to continue to live the modest life. He saw through the theater nearby that there are wealth and women in the big city, he decided to leave his family and his friend Umda.

Bura did not want to leave his life-long friend Umda behind, so he urged him to accompany him Umda, my brother, why don't you come with me to Islamabad? There are fortunes to be made, we could live the life! but Umda replied My brother, as pleasant as it sounds, my life is here on the fields. My wealth are the fruits that grow here and feed the people. My father's legacy is now my legacy. I cannot go with you. and with these words they parted. Bura went with the train to Islamabad to seek fortune and wealth.

When he arrived, Bura was overwhelmed by the vastness and size of Islamabad. It was nothing like his home village. The streets were filled with people and smelly, the roads were clogged and full of dirt and the sand houses rose so high into the sky he had to tilt his head a little bit. The theater glorified it, but it still exceeded his wildest dreams.

Bura was accommodated in a shabby little apartment, no running water and fairly small. In the city of wealth and riches, he thought, he would receive a palace. Everyone would receive a palace! That's what he imagined. The bitter truth hurt him. He went to apply for jobs, days and weeks went by and he still was unemployed, living off what he could find or steal on the streets. It was on one of his hungry days on the streets that he saw a few men, neatly dressed and wealthy, walking through the streets. They emanated a certain fascination to him. He was impressed and wanted to be like them.

He came into contact with the men and asked if they could help him, they gave him an address and he went there. He met more men of the same stature as the men he saw before. They fed him and he ate well, as he was hungering. The little money he received was already long gone. It was there that those men made him an offer he cannot refuse. It was from that day on that Bura had a steady income, he was with well-mannered and well-dressed people and finally lived the life he wanted. He was part of the Sardar.

Meanwhile Umda was living a modest life in his home village. He opened up a store with the help of his father, a small supermarket near the post office. His hopes were high and his future bright. He found satisfaction in his work and improving his family's name and the legacy of his father.

One day, while Umda was out on the fields with some workers, an employee from his supermarket came running towards the fields. He was screaming Umda! Umda! and Umda came towards him What happened? Umda, they beat up your father and destroyed the supermarket! It's a mess! Come on! they ran towards the supermarket. When he was there, Umda found everything on the floor, his father was in a pool of blood on the floor, badly bruised Father, who did this to you? Some men... well-dressed... They threatened to us and the family if I didn't pay. Now look what they have done... his father passed out. He called an ambulance right away and prayed to the immortal and holy god Emperor that he may survive this brutal attack.

Umda followed his father to the hospital and waited. He waited and waited. Three hours afterwards a doctor came towards him and told him the tragedy. It was in that moment that Umda sweare to avenge his father's death and put those to justice that killed his father.


Umda decides to fight the people who killed his father and avenge him. As Bura before him, he goes to Islamabad. He would join the police force and maybe catch up with Bura while he was there. He had not heard from Bura in a long time, and decided to visit him first.

He went to the apartment where Bura last wrote him. But the landlord told him that he had already left and gave him the new address. Umda took a cab to Bura's new residence and was impressed at the nice neighborhood Bura now lived in. There houses were bright and the streets were clean. Impressive-looking and probably very expensive cars were on the sides. Quite the contrast to the lively and shit-filled streets of downtown Islamabad, Umda thought to himself.

He arrived at Bura's house and rang the doorbell. He was greeted from a Bura with a wide grin Brother! So nice to see you here! Come in, come in! he was ushered into the large apartment. New furniture, clean and it didn't smell like curry. Not at all like Bura, Umda thought to himself. How can you afford all this brother? How did you do it? Umda asked, and Bura winked to him Connections! Come, sit yourself. I will tell you all about my days here!

And so Bura told Umda about how he began and how he ended up where he is. He did not give out a lot of details but it was clear that the methods of Bura were not clean. Umda was weary and did not feel well, he wanted to leave. Before he left, Bura offered him a job and that all he had to do was call him. Then Umda too, could bathe in riches.

Umda left and then headed towards his intended direction, the police department of Islamabad. It was there that Umda seek to gain wealth. Knowledge over who could do this, and bring justice to those that were harmed. To avenge his father.

He entered and applied to join the force and was straight-forward with his intentions. He told the chief of the IPD what had happened and that he wanted to help the people of Islamabad to protect them from such a menace. Maybe they would know, who killed his father We need someone like you, Umda. Someone with ambition and goals. Someone who can get a job done. There is a poison in Islamabad, Umda. That poison is the Sardar, the Punjabi Mafia. We need to get in there and crack down on them. A... simple man like you would fit into their ranks perfectly. What do you say? I'm in.

Umda was given a small apartment in the suburbs and was ordered to contact a man from the Sardar that had a high rank. He was an employer for the Sardar. He was to meet him at the warehouses in the industrial part of the city at sunset. Umda prepared.

Umda was already at the warehouses, waiting. Bura approached him from the shadows and was not surprised to see him, unlike Umda Hello Umda. I am glad you have chosen the right path! Come on, you can drive me to one of my associates.

Umda got in the driver's seat of the car and they drove into the business area of the city. They stopped outside a jeweler and Bura told Umda to wait. Umda was confused and disturbed. Could it be that his brother, his best friend, had become an enemy? Or was he an enemy? He did not want it to be true, but he saw it before his eyes. He glanced into the shop window and saw as Bura broke the glass and took some jewelery. He was now in the middle of it.

Bura raced to the car with his newly acquired goods and urged Umda to step on the gas. They raced away to a hideout of the Sardar. It was there his new bonds and connections in the Islamabad underworld were forged. Due to the fact that Umda was a good friend of Bura, he was quickly welcomed into the Sardar ring. Everyone trusted him, because Bura introduced him as his 'brother'.

After a few weeks of establishing his brother into the ranks, Bura was confronted by one of the leaders. There supposedly was a mole inside the Sardar. Bura was to eliminate the mole and assure the safety of his friends and associates.

The exact same time, Umda was informed by the chief that a crackdown was to occur on the leaders and high-ranking officials of the Sardar. They had to act swiftly to assure that the Sardar officials don't catch on to the plans. Umda was alarmed, he didn't want his friend to get harmed. His life-long friend. While he was pondering about how he could inform Bura, a colleague called him You should see this Umda...

The fortnight the crackdown was in place. The police had blocked off the safe house of the Sardar and was ready to infiltrate. In the mean time there were squads in the suburbs apprehending the higher ranked officials. Umda decided to surprise Bura.

He knocked on the door to Bura's apartment. Bura opened the door and was obviously nervous Come my brother said Umda they are after you. Bura understood at once and they ran towards the car. The raced towards the outskirts of the city and left Islamabad. Where are we headed brother? asked Bura You will see. answered Umda. It was then that Bura got nervous. They were heading back to their hometown. Umda stopped the car in front of the supermarket and Bura followed Stop Bura ordered I know why you brought me here. Umda turned around and saw a gun barrel pointed towards his head Yes, Bura. I know what you've done. You killed my father. And now you want to kill me, right? You were the mole all along. You were the one ratting on our brothers and friends Wrong Bura. You are the traitor, you have betrayed your true brother, your true friend. You have hurt me infinitely, but I forgive you Bura. I forgive you. At first I wanted to hurt you and make you suffer for the pain you have done. But you have suffered enough on the path you were on. You can turn around now and you will be free of that path.

Bura hesitated and stood there and stared into Umda's eyes. Umda shrugged and turned around towards the supermarket. Bura shot his gun twice. Umda fell to the ground. I am sorry brother... Bura murmured as he got back into the car. He put the key in and started the car, as the motor let the gasoline enter the car exploded in a ball of fire, killing Bura. I am sorry too... brother... whispered Umda as he bled to death in his pool of blood in front of the supermarket.