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This article contains the religious views of Dioism. (What's this?)

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The Pakistani Soldier

Brothers and comrades, friends and foes, be wary of the Pakistani soldier, for he is truly his brother's keeper and herder of the lost sheep. A Pakistani soldier is above all greatness, more courageous and strong than your average soldier. He is smarter, sophisticated and faster. He has strength and wit and everything that makes a soldier efficient. A Pakistani soldier is superior in every aspect. When you read this book, this is what you expect? You are wrong. A Pakistani soldier is a mortal, he has faults and fears, doubt and worries, a Pakistani soldier is like you and me. He bleeds blood, he breaths air and eats sand. A Pakistani soldier can fall like any other soldier, but he can also rise, rise higher and reach goals farther than any other soldier. How can a Pakistani soldier reach these goals, but a 'normal' soldier cannot? Simple. A Pakistani has capabilities that 'normal' soldiers do not possess.


A Pakistani's faith goes beyond his life. He is born with it, is raised with it and it is ever-present. A Pakistani soldier knows that in his mission through our holy and immortal god emperor, Dio Brando, blessed be his name into eternity, are destined to victory. A Pakistani soldier follows orders, but he will not follow every man blindly, for through his faith he is aware of the correct path and he will abide it at all costs, for a faithful and true Pakistani soldier would not defy the true message of our holy and immortal god Emperor.


The Pakistani soldier is courageous. He will face difficulty with pride. He will face danger with laughter. He will face pain with joy. A Pakistani soldier has no fear for the enemy, for he knows that the enemy fears him more. He knows he only has to fear one thing: fear itself.


It is said that a soldier gains honour by proving himself worthy on the battlefield or reaching a certain rank or having a certain worth. That is wrong. Honour is something you can only give yourself. Honour is given to you, by yourself, by the righteousness of your actions. It's merit, it's worth can be seen by all if you have deserved it, you can carry it high and mighty and present it, for you know you have deserved it. You must work for honour, you must fight for honour, you must prevail for honour, but it will not be handed to you. Those who deserve it, shall receive it.