The Circles of Dio/Circle 2

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This article contains the religious views of Dioism. (What's this?)

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The Second Circle

Know that snow cannot mark sand. Know that sand may mark snow. In knowing this, Dio became free.

Know that the tentacled ones were of snow. They relied on the snow and used it as tools for their will. One of the places where snow served their will was the Fields of Husks on the False Worlds of the illiswines.

The Fields were where the snow bodies of other People were cast after the illiswine had consumed their brains. When the brain had been devoured, the husks came to be fertilizer to grow the poison-stemmed tundras of the illiswines. Dio worked the Fields with no knowing of himself or what he had become. He was a tool of snow, and the snow was content.

It was upon these Fields that Dio came to know the scripture of glass. During one of the turnings, as Dio tilled the Fields with his hands, he came across a husk whose brain remained within it. It had not been used as food. Yet it was dead.

The thought that one of the husks had died a death without serving as food for the illiswine was a thought Dio had difficulty understanding. From that thought, came a desire to know what had happened to the husk.

Embedded in the skull of the husk was a glass blade, sand transformed. It had pierced the bone. Dio realized that was what had killed the husk. The sand had marked the snow, but the snow had not marked the sand.

Dio took the blade and studied its surface. In it, he saw his reflection. It was in the reflection of the glass that Dio first knew himself. Its edge was sharp, its will the wearer's. It was the blade that would come to be raised against Falcon when Dio made the Pronouncement of Za Warudo.

Dio kept the blade for many turnings, and many were the thoughts he had about it. He used it in the fields to aid his work. In using it, he thought about how it was not used.

The illiswine were powerful. Dio had believed that there was nothing that they did not know. Yet the illiswines never carried tools of sand. They only used snow as tools. Everything was done through snow, for the tentacled ones were made of snow and they knew snow. Yet sand was superior to snow. When the blade had killed the husk, it was the snow that had been weaker than the glass.

It was then that Dio came to know that snow yielded to sand. In knowing that, he came to know that sand was stronger than the illiswine. Sand became the scripture of the People. Know that sand is the scripture by which the People came to know freedom