The Dark Leviathan

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The Dark Leviathan

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Nationality Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombian
Date of birth August 13, 2009
Day 632 of the New World
Date of death 2010 (est)
Residence Oaxaca
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

The Dark Leviathan was a male citizen of the New World of Colombian-Hungarian nationality, that lived at Central Transdanubia, Hungary. He was president and partner of several companies, and was the 17th Hungarian Division's Commander. He is the author of one of the most-read newspapers in Colombia, called "Supra-Dossier".

He was wounded in several combats and fell into a coma by a torpedo explosion in a Romanian offensive against Hungary's High Command. He's now a prisoner of the Romanian army, but he's kept under military supervision in a hospital, due to his life-or-death and unconsciousness state.


The Beginning

The Dark Leviathan born at Day 632 of the New World (Real Life's date: August 13th, 2009), in Caribe e Insular, Colombia.

In his childhood, he spent a lot of time playing soccer and running in the warm streets of his hometown. He was happy in his early years, but when he reached his puberty, the absence of a hospital, and the almost inexistent presence of the State in his region, forced him to move to Andina, a region in the centre of the country.

A New Guy in a New Place

When he went to Andina, he found a world totally different. He learned how to fight, specializing in close-hand-on-hand combat, and training regularly in the army. He found a hospital, and a job, starting to win money to buy food every day and be healthy.

But all the good things can't last forever, and his new world turned hostile against him. When he tried to socialize with other citizens, he was ridiculized by his short time in the New World. This situation got harder, and The Dark Leviathan and Eboril, one of the most-experienced citizens, had an argument that finishes in a street-fight between them.

Leviathan was hated still more than ever. Those days weren't easy for him; in fact, he tried to quit his own life by starving. But when all seemed lost, his new job's boss, JuanRicardo, gave him moral support and taught him how to move and survive in society.

Even he found a friendly hand, he strengthened his character, concentrating more on himself, working a lot, and analyzing the environment that involved him. Finally after a long time being focused on himself, Leviathan became a young man, and with 18 years, he decided to socialize again.


JuanRicardo introduced The Dark Leviathan to some citizens, who got on well with him. In that epoch, Colombia faced an invasion menace coming from EDEN/Fortis, and desirous to avoid the destruction of his Homeland, he created a intelligence group called A.C.E.I.C. or Agencia Central de Inteligencia Externa e Interna de Colombia (External and Internal Intelligence Central Agency of Colombia) dedicated to find possible dangers or citizens trying to make a Take-Over in Colombia.

This group worked on clandestinity and made a blacklist of citizens that represented a potential risk to Colombia. When he tried to expose this list to the public opinion, once again he was underestimated by Eboril, who scorned at him, saying they were not "spies".

Nevertheless, Leviathan not lowed his head this time and just said: "You're warned". He left the Agency in hand of their members and joined Colombia's Army.

He decided to create his newspaper the Supra-Dossier, at this time too.

...And The Dark Leviathan Got His Gun

When he joined the Army, his mind was wandering in future battles. But war never asks and never ends, and a 20-eYears-Old The Dark Leviathan got into conflict when he was just a newly arrived soldier.

The Dark Leviathan, with only a week joined in Colombia's Army, was sent to fight in the Colombia-USA War.

He crossed Texas, Missouri and New Mexico, fighting in all these scenarios and surviving. But in Nebraska, Leviathan realized that was the no-return point, a treadmill, and after a fierce battle that took the life of several comrades, he asked to Powercol, Colombia's Minister of Defense an explanation for the disorganization showed and the lack of war materials.

But, No answer was given. The Dark Leviathan blinded by fury and pain, take his stuff and go away from the battlefront, returning to Colombia.

When he came back to his homeland, he found he was one of the most popular citizens in Colombia. His newspaper had a lot of subscriptions and worked him a very trustful and good reputation. The Dark Leviathan was happy again, but deep inside of him, he knew that he must go apart.

Was a time to search for new horizons, search a safe place from the apparent invasion that the USA was going to apply under Colombia.

So after a long dissertation, he decided to accept the invitation of the Hungarian president, Imre Norbert, to live in his country.

The Dark Leviathan packed his properties and went to Hungary.

The Hungarian Dream

Leviathan decided that Hungary would be a very good fresh new start. He chose Nunavut as his new home. So, he determined to work and fight as never he did. In his work, Leviathan has got very good jobs, in fact, he could be regarded as a millionaire.

At two weeks of living in Hungary, he was called to the army, where he got the most of his experience and advanced the ranks of lieutenant, captain and colonel. After the loss of Nunavut, The Dark Leviathan moved to Central Transdanubia, Hungary

Additionally, his newspaper grown still more giving him a "bath" of popularity and make him tens of good friends. He created two company with his partners, XanderssonX and dardo_vd.

Militar Activity

The Dark Leviathan began fighting as a reservist of Colombia. Later, he became a soldier of Colombia's Army. In that army, he reached the rank of Corporal and Sergeant. He served as a soldier in the Colombia-USA War, but he relucted to keep fighting because of the negligence of the Colombian Minister of Defense.

He travelled to Hungary and he joins the Hungarian Army. In that institution, he fought in Canada, especially in Saskatchewan, being part of an urban infantry troop. When he reached his rank of Lieutenant, he was sent to defend Nunavut. The Hungarian Army was successful in defending Nunavut three times, but when the EDEN/Fortis allied army attack Nunavut with tanks, they were defeated and Leviathan was wound with a frag grenade, leaving fragments in his arm and forced him to be under medical care during three weeks.

When he recovered fully, he participated in a series of successful campaigns, in which in reached the rank of captain and made him worthful of a designation as Commander 17th Hungary Infantry Division. He fought with success in the defense of Bulgarian territories and the conquest of some regions of Croatia. Later, he and his division were assigned to fight in Turkey, where they win several battles.

Nevertheless, the day of his promotion to Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel, a Romanian unified attack command attacked the ceremony, killed some soldiers and Leviathan, trying to save the soldiers of his division, was impacted by a torpedo, falling into a coma and being captured by Romanian troopers.

Political Activity

The Dark Leviathan is apathetic to politics. In his beginnings Leviathan belonged to Partido Democrata Colombiano, a party in Colombia of a Center-Right ideology. At the few weeks of being there, he quit and he decided not to be in the politics.

However, The Dark Leviathan has collaborated with some congressmen and presidents of Colombia. Before his capture, no one knew anything about any political project for the future.

Religious Activity

He belonged to unofficial religion known as Rotism, but he quit and declared him an atheist. He doesn't think about take any religion.

Press Activity

The Dark Leviathan is the writer and author of one of the most read newspaper in Colombia, Supra-Dossier.

This newspaper is fundamentally based on a combination of themes, going from humour, passing from eRepublik's things, and even finishing in real life stuff. Some Supra-Dossier's famous section is "Un Chat con Dark... (A Chat with Dark...)", "Semana de la Ironía (Irony's Week), "Narraciones Ficticias (Fictional Narrations)", Reflexiones "Thoughts".

Before his capture, Leviathan was seen with a bunch of new projects. Nevertheless, new releases or concreted new projects are just rumours.