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The Economist

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General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Owner Iain Keers
Founded February 5th
Subscribers 693
Articles 10
Content Politics, Economics

The United Kingdom's Weekly newspaper

The Economist is released weekly at 5pm GMT on Thursday. It is currently the 3rd most subscribed paper in the United Kingdom, and the highest ranked privately owned newspaper still publishing. The Economist also published the Economist Intelligence Unit Country-file articles.


The Editor's pick of the week's news, this section is written by Iain Keers and may contain biased or personal opinions. The Editorial is usually a personal appraisal of the most important event of the previous week.


A series of articles on the leading events of the week. The leaders are generally news items from all of the following sections which are designated as being more important than the norm. As such, some Economist readers only read the leaders in depth and glance through the rest of the magazine.


British News from the forums


British editorial news authored by Scipio The Great

United States

News from the USA forums

The Americas

News from Central and South America

Africa and the Middle East

News from South Africa, Israel, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan


News from Asia

Business News

An article on either businesses or business policy

Business Roundup

Quick stats on the UK Business

British Academy Award

In July the Economist won the Hassan Pesaran Award for Journalism. One of the judges was heard to comment that: “The Economist is a quality rag, I have to say.”

Journalism Awards

To celebrate the Economist reaching 300 subscribers, on 23rd April 2009 it decided to run a series of awards for the best and brightest in each section of the media. The decision was made by the editor, and was not based on politics, merely on the quality, and sometimes the fun level, of the newspapers concerned.


Newspaper Citizen Award
Interviewing the Nation JudgeDJ Best Interview Newspaper
eUK Telegraph CV James Best Political Commentary Newspaper
The Freethinker Goku Jones Most Controversial Newspaper
The Defamatory Remark RyanMcCulloch Best Newcomer (less than one month)
eUK Home Office News Minister of Home Affairs Best Government Newspaper
newspaper2 Rastari Most Entertaining Newspaper
East Midlands Gazette East Midlands Council Best Regional Paper