The Funding Cap Act

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A Bill to cap funding to CAF and Mercenary Fighters to the equivalent of 4% of the CAF budget a month.


1. Government funding for individuals is capped at 4% of the CAF budget per month.

2. a) The Auditor General must begin an investigation as to how much was received by certain players from the government during the Calendar month of April. The Auditor General will publish that report by May 31st.

b) If any players have been found to have received over Flag-Canada.jpg 7,500 CAD or its equivalents from the government those players are ineligible from receiving funding for 3 months from the date of publication of the Auditor General's report.

3. Any violation of Provision 1 or Provision 2b will be considered an Act of Theft and the offending supplier will be removed from their position. The player benefiting from the theft will be expected to return any amount over the cap within 3 days or will be considered to have committed theft.


Provision 1 may be waived in unique circumstances by an Executive Order detailing the conditions and situation of the waiver in Closed Congress. The Executive Order may be denied by Congress during the first 24 hours. Provision 2b may not be waived.

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