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The strongest empire - Indonesia was the sixth part of a series The Glory and Fall of Empires written by Hungarian citizen Quicksilver.

Part VI. The strongest empire - Indonesia


When I think of Indonesia, the first that comes to my mind are the tanks... strong, old players, who walk the paths of the e-World for such a long time, who shaped and decided so many battles, who played so important roles in so many wars... strength is that comes to my mind when I look for a characteristic to label this huge empire of our world.

The story of an empire so far away, so hidden, but so famous; so controversial, but so much envied too... it started just before we, in Europe celebrated Christmas of 2007 - when on Indonesia's largest community site, the hundreds decided that this so-called eRepublik was what they wanted to try and play. The population boom was so unexpected, that at first they did not even have enough food for the newbies - but whom later founded the Indonesian Defensive Socialist Party, which has more or less lead the country ever since. Many of today's famous tanks came in this era, which also saw, as many countries at the time, the gradual building up of a country's systems, hospitals, governmental structures and military for times to come.

The last months before the war module were spent by internal politics, as more parties were formed and competed for power; and external diplomacy as the first ties were made, like the NAP with Pakistan or the attempted PTO of China. Also a number of multi-account cases were discovered, and the Chinese PTO abandoned, mainly because of this. The war modul saw isnuwardana (Indonesia's first citizen) declaring war to Australia, apparently after an insulting letter by the Australian president, and between the 13th and 17th the overwhelming forces of Indonesia conquering all of Australia's regions. The difference between military forces made it practically impossible for Australia to defend her regions. The victorious war spurred another baby boom in Indonesia, and the country's citizenry suddenly doubled, then tripled, making it one among the superpowers of eRepublik, with around 2000 citizens.


After the Australian war, Indonesia started to take part in European affairs too, by making MPPs and sending the first of the fabled tank-squads to defend Russia and Germany from the Swedish and Norwegian expansionism. Also at this time the PTO of South Africa was done, to counter the country's MPPs with the Northern Alliance. The PTO and its aftermath brought up new controversies as again the multi-account suspicions were on the surface and internal politics divided the country. Even though, Indonesia attacked South-Africa, and occupied Eastern Cape, before admins suspended this war too.

Later in 2008 Argentina entered into the war after a bug thwarted Indonesia's surprise attack on them. in December Indonesia went on after occupying Western Cape, and conquered Pampas too, thereby entering the South-American continent. Argentina was a founding member of Atlantis which formed from PANAM's ashes and from the Northern Alliance it was born, along with its counterpart, PEACE GC - of which Indonesia was a founding member. Argentina supported ATLANTIS and blocked Indonesia (which was the main reason for attacking them) until in the French Toast war and Romania's attack at Russia, it was left alone by most of its allies, and drifted towards PEACE, negotiating the release of regions from Indonesia. In the meanwhile, Australian players, who were trying unsuccessfully to diplomatically regain their country, started an RW in New South Wales. At first it was unsuccessful, but later, as the leaders of the two countries agreed, Victoria and New South Wales could return to Australia again.

Till early 2009, Indonesia took part in no direct war, but sent her soldiers to help out in PEACE countries - we, Hungarians remember well to these instances, when our back-then impossible battles were aided by those tanks whose names we all knew... we became friends too, often visiting each others' chatrooms, the differences and distances between us just made us look all the more interesting to each other... we have a whole world between us, culture, religion, goals, tools and possibilities; we were a small country back then to be defended and they were already the power of the New World... and still we were, and remained since close friends, allies and brothers-in-arms.

2009 saw Indonesia gain neighbours, in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines - and Thailand that also connected it to the mainland of Asia - and as was the fashion of the times, the new countries saw a race of older ones for PTOs. Indonesia took part in these, and partly because of this, partly because of the Hungarian baby-boom, the country fell back in the population rankings - but not in the military ones though, and the presidency of aban brings a land-swap with Thailand and let Indonesia march into India and China, conquering first the much needed high-iron resource region of Karnataka (the PTO of India made it all so easy), then moving on through to former Pakistani regions, until reaching their final goal - a border with Romania, then occupying the prize-region of Western Siberia.


The first of the WSR battles is particularly memorable to us, Hungarians because Romania's army was ordered to fight in the blocking SGP battle, not letting it go over to Hungary, and so consequently they lost WSR to Indonesia - which promptly put down a Q5 hospital and DS to it and started to populate the region to defend it from attack; a less than nice part of the story is that many of those new citizens were fakes, only created to raise the wall, in such numbers that it did lead a change in the rules too. The defending swaps with Russia are thwarted when Romania also swaps some regions with Norway, and attacks WSR again - not making the previous mistake, and conquering it in another memorable battle. The ensuing chatterbox (three-sided landswaps among Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan are described more elsewhere, but the end is that Romania goes through East Siberia, and Iranian regions, with the PTO-ed Pakistan helping put with blocks; until reaching their goal, Karnataka.

Back then PEACE lost almost all high iron regions, only the Brazilian and Karnataka remained in our hands; because of this, and because of Indonesia's economy it was vital to defend this region at all costs. The whole of PEACE GC took part back then either in the defending of regions, or the blocking battles from Hungary, China and Russia. The loss of initiative as we all know since was proving more and more dangerous to Indonesia, as Romania was at the end only one region away from Karnataka. The month also saw Don Agung being impeached and gagah taking his place in presidency - also a sign of things not going well.

But as we all know, the tide turned before Karnataka, Indonesia regained the initiative, and went on to attack and reconquer the Romanian occupied regions in Asia; until again Indonesia was there in the gates of WSR. The legendary battle, which saw almost the complete armies of PEACE and Atlantis; in which Indonesia is punished because of a weapons exploit by adding 200 k to the almost brought-down wall; and which caused Romania to enter into the non-combat mode, because they demanded a more through investigation and more punishment; in which PEACE and Indonesia almost gives up fighting seeing the punishment that many think unjust, but deciding later to still fight and finally - win. The final prize is won, the arch-enemy defeated, only some mop-up is needed in Asia and Europe - and the brothers-in-arms of Indonesia, Hungary and PEACE GC are victorious.

Departemen Pertahanan eRepublik Indonesia.jpg

Then came the famous attempt by Romania, to PTO the third-largest country in the New World - a congressional PTO, that was made possible by the hundreds of Romanians in the conquered regions, the huge number of empty regions in the Indonesian empire, and the hundreds of Romanians moving there to take part in the Matzanesia operation, that was almost, almost successful; the congress division going the same in either way, and only the presidential vote making it to Indonesia's favor. The situation was made even more exciting by bans on both sides. It took the country two months to be fully restored from the effects of the PTO and the economical sabotage, that is indeed a memorable one in the history of PTOs.

But restore it they did, and by July, Indonesia is again restless, and NicoSianipar is watching eagerly the only enemy he considers to be a worthy one still: USA. PEACE is planning the operation Helokitty, that would see the return of Urals to Russia, and land-swaps in Asia and Canada; and Indonesia, although having all the necessary resources, is eager to try its might against USA. So, another land-swap, covered up as a training war with Japan gives them the necessary border with Hawaii - and as France, Portugal and Russia rolls out the red carpet to attack Canada and the USA, and Hungary swaps the British regions to reach Heilongjiang; Indonesia also attacks. All the other attackers have the help of activated MPPs from back the French Toast war, but Indonesia is standing against USA's 13 MPPs. A daunting task, but also a worthy one; Indo, the old and strong empire, home of many great tanks, fortified by a number of smaller baby-booms, and the eager Hungarian soldiers who in time became a regular Indo unit IHA - Indo is ready to issue the challenge and win it. They march through the North-American steppes, across the plains and the mountains, to reach their goal, the fabulous land of California... and to win it in a memorable battle.

GAFOE Map.png

And that goal, and the other goals achieved, when it was almost over for the USA, PEACE suddenly stops... the cracks and differences in the countries come up the first time, the focus of the World War moves to Europe again, into France and Spain, as Canada frees itself from the occupation, then the Americans suddenly realize that to win they have to fight, to fight they have to have money and weapons, and most importantly allies - and by a number of fortunate events, the banning of wizzie_don, Indo's president, the trick of a false peace-treaty, the side-peace and withdrawal of Portugal, the loss of initiative, and the organizing of the former Atlantis allies suddenly makes it impossible for Indonesia and Russia to hold on to the conquered regions, which are lost one by one, until the two battles for California... heavy tanking and thousands of gold defended it at first, but the second attack was basically given up, as Indo decides not to make that huge sacrifice again.

GAFOE Indonesia.jpg

At the height of the empire Indonesia was indubitably the largest ever empire that existed in the New World - spanning six continents and occupying around 40 regions from 8 countries, having the most FMs and the greatest GDP - the envy of many who considered it only to the result of multies and/or exploits... but envy never objective, and Indonesia was truly a great empire. Born in seclusion, forged in wars all around the world, maybe some of them did pick up illegal tools too, but still, that can also be said for many others. After the end of the north-american war, Indonesian players, having reached virtually everything in the New World, but ending with a retreat - started to loose interest in the game. The population dropped, as people left, even the Hungarian soldiers, to defend the regions at home, and the training wars were just not enough to keep up interest - they started to slowly let go of excess regions, just like Hungary, to be able to defend the important ones.

So, Indonesia is an empire that can tell, alone from all of the empires, that it had achieved everything that it set out to reach; and its fall was a fall of an empire that has no more goals to attain.

I salute you old friends, brothers of the sword!


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