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The secret empire - Iran was the fourth part of a series The Glory and Fall of Empires written by Hungarian citizen Quicksilver.

Part 4. The secret empire - Iran


Icon-Iran.png Iran has always been and still is a secret empire, isolated by both language and culture from the rest of the world, connecting to it with few ties, talking to it only on a few channels, only showing its might in battles and conquests - never giving up an inch and never the easiest to negotiate with either.

Iran's history started side-by-side with Pakistan, with whom it is neighbours in central Asia. Iran was also discovered by a 4chan board, the /b/tard and its users who first populated the country. Ironically, the boards' war was carried on to eRepublik media, and the rivalry with Pakistan's /v/ members characterized the first, warless months of both countries' existence. However, while the /V/s built up a strong economy and a religion in Pakistan, Iran fared less well, as the /B/ members looted the treasury and left its economy in ruins. At a time even food was not on the markets, until Indonesia has not started to export some there. Iran then was last in the rankings with not even the government working.

In December however some players arrived who started to build up Iran's economy and political systems. Koroush, Ahmadinejad and Shakir Nasrollah came from different backgrounds, but started finally to work for Iran. The Pasargad party was formed, along with companies, and in January, Koroush was elected as Shah of Iran, the first sovereign ruler on eRepublik, and Iran became the Imperial State of Iran. He formed the government structures, including an intelligence agency (Eyes and Ears of the Shah - by Aryamehr), a cabinet, military, and also started to recruit people to the country from various Iranian chats and forums - and building hospitals for the coming people. He also started to make diplomatic ties with other countries. His work took Iran through its growth and strengthening in the first few months of 2008.


In May, Iran became a member of the FIST, the forerunner of PEACE, and later, in August the member of PEACE too. The first months of the war module saw Iran being left out - mainly because of internal problems, like the scandals of the first and second mojtabaw governments. Between these, atilaa strengthened the Iranian economy and created numerous companies abroad for stockpiling goods. He also established the first embassies and tried to build diplomatic ties with other countries. In October and November goons threatened with a PTO but they failed to gain the presidency - gonde brought not only unity but economic strength to Iran. By this time Iranian troops appeared in numerous battlefields, as we, Hungarians can remember them in the SGP battles too.

In November, Iran took part with troops in the Romanian advances in Russia-Norway, and later declared war to Pakistan, first for region swaps, and later, in Pakistan's Han Solo-era as real battles. It was surprisingly late, that Iran fought its first real war, in 2009 January, when Iran annexed Beijing and Liaoning, the latter being the high iron resource and then Heilongjiang and Jilin. The war was preceded by Balash PTO-ing Chinese presidency and consequently surrendering China to Iran when it finally attacked. Ironic, knowing that Iran had started the first RW in Beijing in November, to liberate China from Pakistani occupation. Also in January Iran declared war to India, to conquer Jharkhand.


In February, the 22nd, Romanian President dsalageanu declared war to Iran, as per the Operation Alexander the Great, the great operation to conquer Asia, supposedly to liberate China, and punish Iran for its actions in the Russia war (the Iranian-Russian PTO of the Noorish congress) - but deep down everyone knew that the real targets were PEACE's high iron resources in Liaoning, Heilongjiang and most importantly Karnataka. The plan called for a route Xinjiang -> Qinghai -> Ningxia -> Inner Mongolia -> Beijing -> Liaoning [TOP SECRET Romanian plan!] but it was defused completely when PEACE invented the chatterbox, the three-sided region swap to deny an attackable region to Romania.

In the region swaps, Iran gained a lot of former Pakistani regions, as Pakistan at the time was trying to avoid the Romanian PTO (unsuccessfully). Romania got around the problem by taking over Norway's Eastern Siberia region, and attacking Iran from Inner Mongolia, advancing quickly southwards with the help of PTO-ed Pakistan blocking and RW-ing regions. Iran then tried to RW some Chinese regions to stop Romania's advance, but some border-irregularities allowed Romania to overcome this too. Later the war became more a Romanian-Indonesian conflict that we are all more familiar with, but Iran was there all way through and not as visibly as Indonesia, but it gained a lot of regions in Asia, at a point ruling over 29 regions from China, Pakistan and India.

Iranday421 GAFOE.jpg

In the present world war, Iran's exact role was for long a secret, until Hungary has not started the Operation Hellokitty, that took the Hungarian army through numerous region swaps with UK, Russia and Iran to Heilongjiang, the high iron region for what Hungary gave back Urals to Russia. Iran in the same operation gained a high diamond region from Kanada, and a foothold there too in North-America. Iran lately had its problems that stemmed from IRL events in the country, but it is still a strong power in Asia, and an empire too that has not fallen, nor has it any intention to do so.

So, this was the secretive empire of the New World - Iran.

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