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The first empire - Pakistan was the first part of a series The Glory and Fall of Empires written by Hungarian citizen Quicksilver.

Part 1. The first empire - Pakistan


(official motto: PRIDE, POWER, PAKISTAN!)

Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan started the game with only four regions in Asia, and there was nothing to say that it would be an empire later - until an forum's /v/ members have not discovered the game and decided to settle in Pakistan, making the country's population almost to the thousands - at the time (2007 Nov-Dec) it was by far the most populous country on eRepublik. At this time was the Holy Empire of Pakistan formed, lead by Dio Brando, and before the introduction of the war module, a complex, slightly communistic, heavily centralized, planned economy was created, that worked best at the time. By the time the war module was introduced in April, many players left Pakistan, but it was then still among the most populous countries on eRep.

The first step towards the formation of the great empire was the agreed joining (some say India was PTO-ed too) with India, in April, 2007 - the almost empty regions of India were occupied in a matter of days. The next step was the conquest of China. Here they have PTO-ed the country - although they denied it, but Gyro_Zeppeli became the president of Icon-China.png China, and immediately declared war to Pakistan, which between 5th and 14th of May conquered China's regions without much effort. Pakistan with this achieved its greatest extents, 50 regions. The power was completely in the hands of the God-Emperor, Dio Brando, and his party, the Stardust Crusaders.

But the next step was the slow decline... with the inevitable decadency of great empires that have no new goals, and the introduction of v.1, and its new game-mechanics, a lot of people left the game, and especially Pakistan. In November 2008, Pakistan lost its first regions by RWs, one to China, and one to India, and the Pakistan got its first non-Stardust Crusader president, showing the decrease of numbers in the dioist party. Although Pakistan was a member of FIST and its successor PEACE, because of its isolationist policies, it has never got much help from the alliance, even in the period of decay - and so it continued to loose regions, even original regions to neighbouring countries - it is called the dark ages of Pakistan.

In the first months of 2009, Pakistan was again renewed by players all over the world, and it started again to play a role in the long-awaited conflict between Romania and Indonesia; letting Indonesia go through Pakistani regions on their way to WSR. As an offshot for dioism, and an alliance for the country, the theocrat state of Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland was formed, with Dio Brando presiding over it. But the role in Asia also proved to be their downfall too; in March 2009 a Romanian, Han Solo PTO-ed the presidency of Pakistan (Operation Great Justice), and from a PEACE member, the country became a Romanian puppet-state, doing its bidding, blocking and RW-ing regions and declaring wars as Romania saw fit. Generally, due to its central position in Asia, it used fully its strategical advantages. PEACE was unfortunately too slow to realize the consequences of the PTO.

In the Han Solo era, Pakistan's economy was ruined (the process actually started earlier), the dioism banned, and he even wanted to change the country's name officially to Matzalandia. In the Asian theater of operations, he slowly lost all the regions of the country, and by May, the country was fully occupied by Indonesia and Iran. Before this, Pakistan came to the brink of disappearance a number of times, but Romania always gave over some more regions to the country, so that it could continue blocking Indonesia, Iran and China. in April 2009 AgentChieftain was elected as president with PEACE hep, but the Romanian majority congress impeached him, and Han Solo could continue his rule.

With the disappearance, and the loss of active wars, the importance of the country was annulled, even when it was re-formed in the end of May, with agreement to Indonesia, in Punjab region. Pakistan now is ruled again by Dio Brando, and is neutral militarily.

So this was the first great empire of the erep's New World... Pakistan

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