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The rich empire - Sweden was the second part of a series The Glory and Fall of Empires written by Hungarian citizen Quicksilver.

Part 2. The rich empire - Sweden


Icon-Sweden.png Sweden got off a normal start in the game, as many other countries had back then; people coming slowly and forming the first structures of a country, calling friends, and making companies and so on. But just before 2007 Christmas, Sweden was discovered by yet another forum in the game, this time a native one, the Flashback, from which the members formed a party, the FBS which won the Swedish presidential elections ever since. The forum also brought a huge (in those times) baby boom too, which took the most populous country's title from Pakistan, and made the country strong both militarily and economically. Flashback Forum is the biggest "non-regulated" forum in Sweden. They were the first to allow threads about hacking, political extremism and so on; and through a thread there Sweden recruited +2000 players until the forum moderators closed the thread.

Party-Flashback Sweden.jpg

The contest and rivalry between the two strongest nations of the era, and various propaganda articles started a flame war between Sweden and Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan; a hostility that still smolders, but never came to open war, most likely because of the distance between them. They most often came to loggerheads as 'warmongering Swedes' and 'Peace-keeping Dioists', and it was complicated by the fact that some Pakistanis, even on the highest level were actually Swedes. The era and the articles from then are an interesting read for all who love these media-wars...

After the population-growth, the region growth was the next logical step, and in April 2008, the Danish president, Grev Per insulted Sweden (among many others as I recall - it was his habit apparently), and as an answer, Sweden attacked and conquered Denmark in a scant 3 days' war, despite Denmark having Bulgaria and South Africa as allies. The occupation inspired a lot of propaganda and flame being released everywhere, as it was usually condemned in Europe.

The next step was Germany, who were expecting the Swedish attack, but not so soon (they were in the process of allying with Indonesia and Pakistan), and were quite unprepared, when in the 1st of May, Sweden attacked Schleswig-Holstein, and overwhelmed it with sheer numbers (it is still the PvP era, when people fight with each other, not a wall). The allies send only few troops, mostly from Pakistan, some people on their own, while Romania would only send soldiers for a fee, and Indonesia fought on another front. Sweden conquered almost all German regions in five days, leaving only Saarland to be German, when the two presidents agree to a peace-treaty, enforced by admins a month later. According the contract Germany got back 3 regions, Sweden got heavy indemnities, and the two country becomes allies.

But Germany broke the contract by cancelling the agreed MPP and trade agreements; they attacked and conquered Poland for regions; and so the second Sweden-Germany war ensued between 18th and 28th of July 2008, with the result that Sweden conquered all German regions, including the Polish ones. With this conquest, Sweden reached its greatest extent, spanning 32 regions and around 4000 citizens altogether, earning thereby the name of an empire on eRepublik. Here I want to mention that in beta, there were no resources, and so wars were not fought for rich regions.

Swedenbig GAFOE.jpg

Poland started its independence war in October, 2008, with the RW in Little Poland, followed soon after all the original Polish regions, as per agreement between Sweden's president Flammbar and Polish leader Popolo - in exchange for a trade agreement and MPP signed. Poland soon after became the member of Atlantis too. In the Atlantis invasion of France (Operation French Toast) Sweden at first managed to grab regions from France, but was pushed back later. Shortly after, in January 2009, in the Operation Burning Spirit PEACE GC forces with German fighters started simultaneous RWs in all German regions, winning all of them from the somewhat surprised Sweden. The RWs were started because Sweden was unwilling to conclude negotiations to restore any German regions.

Sweden did not back off for good, and in May, Kalle Holm won the presidential elections with promise to give war to Sweden, and with Germany, who were by that time passive members of Atlantis too. This intention has spawned a lot of controversy in Atlantis circles; many members supported Sweden (its traditional allies, like Poland, Romania and Spain), while some Germany, on moral or practical grounds (like the English-speaking countries). Finally it was decided that Sweden could attack Germany, and so the third Swedish-German war ensued, in May 18th - with the participation of Poland who wanted a bite from Germany too - the high grain bite of Brandenburg.

The war raged on with many German defeats and Swedish tactical retreats and re-attacks until the June presidential elections, which saw the most beautifully executed PTO in eRepublik history. Shoot was a sleeping Swedish agent, who patiently worked his way into German politics, until he was elected to the Presidency with only a little Swedish and Polish voting help, but mainly by German ones - just to reveal after the elections of his allegiance, and retreat from all remaining German regions; and the RW in previously occupied Voralberg, a former Austrian region topped off the war, and saw Germany as a country disappearing again from the maps.


But it took only a few days for PEACE to respond, for of course Germany turned to it after being somewhat betrayed by Atlantis. The concerted efforts of Hungary, Italy and France in early June (the Unnamed operation, because the original name was deemed unacceptable by admins) pushed back Polish and Swedish forces behind their original borders, liberating almost the whole of Germany (except for agreed regions for strategic reasons) and parts of Denmark too in the process. Ever since Sweden lost its German and Danish regions, it keeps attacking Nordjylland, to block Hungary in the 3rd world war efforts, but without much success.

Sweden is not really a fallen empire nowadays, like Pakistan which has lost even its independence at a time, or like Norway which fallen very hard from past glories; although it was pushed back into its original regions only, by no means is Sweden a gone-by power. The secret of Sweden has always been its highly efficient economy and the cost-efficient way of making war; I am told that it is mostly secret, but that Sweden also achieved its economical success by a state-controlled company sector (my suspicion is that it was both inspired by and similar to Pakistan's system), and with clever businessmen working for themselves and for the state. Even nowadays Sweden is a rich country, even though it occupies no high resources regions, and hiding most of its assets from prying eyes; and also having some of the strongest tanks of the New World, while not advertising it either. With even a smallest of population booms, Sweden could easily be among the powers of the New World again.

So, this was the richest empire on the New World - Sweden.

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