The Goat Save the Queen

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The Goat Save the Queen

Party-The Goat Save the Queen.png
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United_Kingdom
Abbreviation TGSTQ
National rank 3
Colors Blue, white, red
Founded September 2020
President Bosko Balaban
Vice President King William the Great
Councillor Bosko Balaban
Spokesman Oliver Q
Members 12
Congress Occupancy 5/40 seats, 13%
Succeeds New Age
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Goat Save the Queen is a center-libertarian political party in Icon-UK.png UK, originally it was comes from New age philosophy (Center).

History icon.jpgHistory

The Goat Save the Queen was founded by Monster Grinder in 2020. During its best times, it had over 20 members. The Goat Save the Queen is a party modelled around supporting new players. Oliver Q took the seat as Party President in May 2021 and reformed the entire party.

Goals icon.jpgTask

Icon vision.png Visions

  • Good Relations with allie
  • Building a strong country
  • TOP 30 country DMG

Icon party elections.gif Party Presidents

Past and present leaders of the Goat Save the Queen.

Party Presidents
Party president From To Terms
Unknown Person.jpg Baron Noir September 15th 2020 November 15th 2020 2
Unknown Person.jpg King William the Great November 15th 2020 May 15th 2021 6
Citizen2331654.png Oliver Q May 15th 2021 March 15th 2022 10
Unknown Person.jpg King William the Great March 15th 2022 May 15th 2022 2
Unknown Person.jpg Baron Noir May 15th 2022 June 15th 2022 1
Unknown Person.jpg N/A June 15th 2022 July 15th 2022 1
Citizen1641399 v2.png Bosko Balaban July 15th 2022 Present 1

Org Chart icon.jpg Congress Member

Term Nick
April/May 2021 Oliver Q, Grogu.
May/June 2021 Oliver Q, Grogu., King William the Great, Bosko Balaban
June/July 2021 Oliver Q, Grogu., Bosko Balaban, Matrix Neonn
July/August 2021 Oliver Q, King William the Great, Mel Morris, Jacob Christopher Brown, Gneo Pompeo, Bosko Balaban

MIlitary1.jpgHall of Fame

The history books on The Goat Save the Queen are some of the most impressive you shall find at any party or country.

Members of the Hall of Fame

Citizen2331654.png Oliver Q


Following are logos that TGSTQ uses or used in the past: