The Great Fire of the Library

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Official records

On the Day 1000 of the New World, the eRepublik Library caught fire. Imagine the surprise of the archivists the next day, in front of the building in ashes. Unfortunately, the documentation for all the formulas was lost in that fire and no other documentation will be created by archivists. We are still not sure the reasons of this, and many theories have been proposed, but none seems to be right. There are rumors that a few citizens are trying to replicate the new formulas and document it. We can note, fortunately, nobody have been injured or killed.


On Day 1000, one of the Admins became clinically depressed. This can be directly contributed to their lack of happiness, which in turn was likely brought out about by their inability to chill out. As a result of this, they decided to try and destroy anything and everything they could. In the process, the managed to destroy the only known productivity formula in existence. Many lives were lost in this fire, and at the end of it all, very few people in the eWorld survived. Those that survived forgot how to be Architects, Builders, and so on, and instead focused on the one generic economy skill, figuring that such skills helped the Economy anyway. It is unknown which Admin it was that went crazy, but was is known that they perished in the fire that burnt down the Great Library.